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    I don't think I feel any more or less in my dreams. I have been overwhelmed by emotions in dream ,though, as I have no way to calm myself or control an outburst of emotion in a dream the way I can while awake. Terror and extreme happiness are more common in dreams.
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    There doesn't seem to be a big correlation between which type feels more in the dream than I thought there might be, eh it was just thought I was having. In reading though I saw something else. I would like to run an experiment if you will let me . If you remember, go through the emotions that you had during your day before you go to bed and then tell me if you did, or did not dream. I wonder if dealing with the emotions beforehand does nullify the reason to dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    i wasnt on shrooms. i had been smoking weed daily for about 3 weeks and stopped. usually when i smoke daily i dont have dreams, but when i stop its like one or two nights after i see really intense dreams.
    and psychedelics doesent really make N take new path through F, i believe that they make it easier for each function to work on their own by lowering the energy cost of the lower functions or in other words making the processes run more deeply without much effort by removing some of these "stoppers" that normally stop thoughts going too far away
    I wasn't serious about you being on shrooms, I knew you meant dreaming, and the whole spiel about the N and the path through F was merely me thinking aloud too myself, primarily out of my ass. (What can I say though, I'm an INTP, isn't that we are known for doing?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
    Interesting topic.

    I experience intense feelings in a lot of my dreams - to the point where I wake up still overwhelmed by them and it takes me a few minutes to come to my senses. Rarely do I even come close to feeling anything like that in my awake world.

    I've read that if you don't jerk off enough, it will increase your chances of having wet dreams, since that's your body's way of "releasing the pressure valve". I think the same happens to me with my feelings - since they are firmly suppressed in my day to day life, they burst out while I'm dreaming.
    I understand this completely. Perhaps I should burst out with.."you really are a stupid motherfucker aren't you?" here and there during the day. It might keep ENFJ man from saying.."I'm going to go in the guest room for my own safety for the rest of the night."
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    Quote Originally Posted by copperfish17 View Post
    Most of my dreams concern tragic happenings (deaths, losses, failures etc.). Even so, like ReflecttcelfeR, I usually feel nothing in my dreams.
    This... I think. I can't really remember feeling much of anything, even though many of my dreams are (objectively) horrifying. Sometimes I wake up feeling uneasy or angry at someone who was in my dream - but that is after the fact. I don't have a very rich emotional vocabulary, sadly...
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    I remember one dream specifically. I was being chased by a man with a chainsaw and though most would be terrified I don't remember me being as such. I knew he was chasing me and I ran, and he didn't catch up until I hit a wall and woke up, hahaha. I was nervous perhaps, but not near as much as I should be. I don't know if there is any symbolism behind dreams, but I'd say that they connect with emotional turmoil that occurs while awake. I suppose if you feel like you have things handled in your waking life there is no reason to express anything in your dream to alert you to what you might have overlooked.

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    I think I'm alone in this thread in saying that I feel very strongly in my dreams (when I feel anything at all, that is. All or nothing). Terror or elation or grief seem to be the main ones.

    I also have very strong sensation while dreaming - stuff I touch feels more concrete and real than anything I encounter while awake. In comparison, I don't actually see or hear a whole lot; I remember bits and pieces of things I saw or stuff I heard in my dreams, but I'll remember physical sensation vividly. Maybe it's just because it's more interesting or rare compared to normal "dream fare" . Seeing as I don't remember my dreams very often, I can't be sure.

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    In my dreams, I am always either a tree, a sociopath, or both. So no.

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    I am a lucid dreamer at times, and a cryptic one others.

    Sometimes I eat loads of chocolate right before bed just so sleeping is a little bit more interesting.

    Usually the emotions I feel in my dreams come from a base perspective. Like a dulled down, more simplistic, solid version of what I feel when I am awake. There have only been a handful of dreams where I have felt them so intensely it will cause me to wake up in the same emotional state. Usually those are my REALLY deep and intense dreams. The feeling can even linger for a couple days following. Usually those emotions were something I should probably be paying attention to.

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    I wonder. Is it the emotion in a dream that makes it more realistic, or is it the actual probability of the dream occuring in real life that makes it seem real? If it's both, which is it more of, if any? I know of those who wake up and believe something occured because they were sure the emotion they had was real and (what happens to me) the dream is realistic so much so that you can't help but wonder for a while if it did.

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