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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    Ok I watched it.

    I find it intresting how people in this case allocate weird behaviour automatically to him being ENTP, because he cant obviously be a Ti dom. This quite assertive Te behaviour if you ask me.

    I wont necessarily think he's an entp. Either he tries to be funny with the things he's doing there or he is just nervous, one thing's for sure tho, he's not really having the crowd on his side. So he's either a lab rat entp or an intp who needed to extrovert or decided to do so for some reason.

    Hard to tell, one assessment's for sure tho, if something's weird it's not automatically Ne. Life is far more complicated for this assessment to work all the time and if you dont agree I admit I made an intp write this post, cause I am too weird to be able to hit keys
    Yeah he definitely sounds like an INTP trying to be funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Sherlock Holmes View Post
    But Te? Wouldn't Te be more organised and structured? He was all over the place.
    No I build a connection to another thing here. Sometimes people are quickly to assert certain stereotypes to functions. The habit of doing so, I find quite Te. This assesment of mine tho would be a quick assertion of a stereotype aswell, so I thought this would make for a nice vicious circle logic . But nevermind, I am just pissed that dom Ne tends often to be the dork function, while it is so much more.

    I am working as a mechanical engineer and I need to be ultimately precise with the numbers I do. So when sometimes talking to someone on the phone, I can get things mixed up, because I am unconcentrated. Just yesterday a customer wanted a component that can bear a load of 30 kg. So I advised him to take component A that can bear 50 N. Of Course to bear 30 kg he would need a component that can take 300 N cause F = m * g, this basic physic and to do such a mistake would be very embarassing in my job. And if it happens to me I am really ashamed cause of course I know how to calculate Newton the right way...

    But you see, this an example of problems a primary Ne dom could have in life and this are things that intrest me, so I can learn to better cope with my problems. Therefore I am sometimes pissed when Ne is only seen as the dork-function, because in the op's video his weird behaviour could stem from other functions too: like bad Fe or a very introverted T. To just run and label it Ne gets frustrating over time for Ne-doms .

    Hope you get my point .

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