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    Fi in ESFPs is more wearing their hearts on their sleeves, passion, optimism, experiencing fun, letting others in, loving others easily ... seems more like Fe ... I don't quite understand how Fi is second but is so, so different from ENFP Fi and my Fi.

    Fi in ENFPs is more similar to INFPs - morals, ethics, compassion

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    Se grounds ESFP Fi in the current. What they feel now, their plans are for current feelings so they are short term, almost immediate gradification, just dont take this to the extreme and think that they are all about right this second. They just seem to have more problems following goals because of this if it conflicts with current feelings. Basically its a struggling point.

    Ne in ENFP Fi is abpout dreams(ideas). What they want to feel, there plans are for the future and their feelings are not always connected to the here and now. Fi is identical, but because Se and Ne are dominant they will always be subjected to this pull. This is different then say a Dom Fi where Ne and Se is subjected to the Fi pull.
    Im out, its been fun

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