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    im really glad because this kind of forum is actually exist. just recently i've discovered that i belong to INTP type personality. lately this INTP characteristics within me is driving me crazy. i often have a low self esteem, i have trouble to meet another people, even though my friends and the people i met always consider me as a fun-to-get-along person but in reality it makes me tired and really consumes so much energy just to interact with them. it's been almost a week i turn off my cell phone and i never give any respond at my social media account. This is not the first time it happens to me, but at this point i'm just want to overcome this problem. And what really driving me crazy, this time probably i face the biggest issue about my self esteem. i feel as an utter failure. Sorry if this post really make another people feel depressed, this is the first time i write this much in a public forum. i even never tell this to anyone close to me because i'm pretty sure the won't understand. sorry for my bad english and thank you fo reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    I think a more correct way of saying it is that we're not impulsive. I don't think it has much to do with self-esteem. Sure, the lack of impulsiveness and other things may cause self-esteem issues in some INTP's. Still I don't lack self-esteem, but some people have wondered if I do, because I just happen to think things through and don't act impulsively. Two different things.
    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    i dont have a low self-esteem, but i dont really dont have a clue if i am good enough for other peoples standards in many areas. i think its completely different thing, but may look similar on the surface. this not knowing makes me doubt similar things than if i would have a low self-esteem, but not because i think im not good, but because i dont know if i am good enough. the fact that im striving to perfection on too many things kinda accelerates this doubting myself, because just barely good enough is not good enough for me and since i dont even know whats good enough for others makes it even worse.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Sherlock Holmes View Post
    We don't always have low self esteem. I sometimes do, but it comes in waves. Now I have an identity crisis!

    Anyway, the reason we get it I think is because the world is a huge and bizarre place, and people do all sorts of things we consider irrational or stupid, and as INTPs, what we want is for everything to MAKE SENSE. Everything is a system that needs to be broken down and organised rationally. But it can't always be. Things aren't always as simple as putting numbers into an equation and acting based on the results. People and life are unpredictable and sometimes because we overthink things, we see where we have failed, and we can't understand why, and we notice our failures. They stick out. So we feel that we are less competent than others who may be more action focused and who may fail as much or more than us, but do not dwell on it. When we are in a healthier state, we can be more rational about our failures and not think of ourselves as outsiders from the world, but one and the same. We are just like everyone else. We can succeed and we can fail. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is better to look past this and focus on improving ourselves from these mistakes. Just the fact that the large majority of the population thinks vastly differently to the INTP leads them to be confused about the world and feel like an outsider.
    I can really relate to all of these posts.
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    Calling it low self-esteem would be a bit of an overstatement, but I'm definitely aware of my faults and shortcomings. To me, there's just no point in trying to display any sort of pretense about myself. I tend to make lots of self-deprecating jokes not because I cry myself to sleep every night (this is a complete lie, btw), but because I can generally see the inherent humor in my flaws, and because I don't take myself, others, or things in general too seriously.

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