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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic Tater View Post
    Weren't you the guy who thought little ol' me was an extravert?
    That's funny that you bring that up, cuz I just thought about that an hour ago.

    For pretty much the first time in however long ago that was...

    And the way I thought about it was, "I still can't believe Tater is an introvert. Kid still seems like an extrovert. I guess people might come off differently over the interwebs. "

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    I'm new to all of the personality theories and information- but i suppose you may be able to be a less extreme INTJ. Actually, I went through the same thing as you, exept I was always fairly withdrawn. But now I am still a little less extreme than other INTJs, and have more emotional capibility.
    I'm not sure if you are an INTJ, but a lot of becoming someone is beliving you are. This reminds me of the placebo effect- you think you are "cured", so you feel better. I have no idea if this argument can stand, that you can almost "change" your personality to become a completly different one. From what I know factually, you are born with a set personality. however, based on personal experiences, one can change as long as they were a little bit like the final result in the beggining.

    If anyone has a different opinion, please explain to me. I am unsure in my own idea... and i'm sure Mondo would like to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mondo View Post
    For a while, I thought I was an ENTP.
    I've had a lot of personal problems in the past and have gotten some good advice from friends: to do what comes naturally to me, which would allow me to feel more comfortable in my own skin.
    It seems to be more of an IXXJ approach to life than an EXXP.
    I've learned how to act like an EP type many years ago- since I perceived that type as having an easier time in the social realm.
    However, as I've grown more secure in myself- I've found that I am more eager to organize/plan than "just let things happen" and that I enjoy spending time pursuing solitary hobbies.
    So yea- I know I've had a bad habit of changing from type to type in the past but I think INTJ is the answer.
    It's a type I haven't really considered since the profiles I've read often described the type as "forceful" and "self-confident".
    However, "self-confident" isn't really a key trait of any personality type.
    To be self-confident is to be comfortable with who you are.

    The other thing I've done is really try to look into what my "shadow type" is- and I think it's very Se-ish.. in particular with my tendency to overindulge in physical pursuits when stressed out (e.g: alcohol, women)..
    An INTJ would never write like this.

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