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    Just for what it's worth, be it typological applicable or not, I'm going to answer with a resounding 'yes'. If I was doing a job where I didn't directly help people, then I wouldn't feel fulfilled. I'm not an overly emotional person, nor am I very people oriented. I enjoy problem-solving and learning, yet I still have that streak where I feel the need to make everything better for the world, at least a little. :P

    So yeah, there's that. >> <<

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    I definitely have strong humanitarian instincts, which I have to say led me totally astray in the early years of my career. I got a counseling degree because I believed I wanted to help people. 4 years and many thousands of dollars in tuition later, I realized that while I may want to help people, I don't want to do it by actually talking to them about their problems.

    I think the best matches for ENTPs with a humanitarian bent might be math/business/science/law careers that have a larger, socially positive goal. Being a social entrepreneur might be a good example. Or a scientist looking for a cure for cancer. Or a real estate developer specializing in affordable housing.

    My advice would be to not go overboard with the humanitarian thing. As an ENTP, I'm happiest when the people I'm helping are at arm's length (or maybe several arms' length).
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