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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
    So what are the good things about being a P'? It can be annoying to be a J' at times. Everything is planned to a tee, it's ridiculous! I wasted hours of my time preparing for my trip this weekend, researching, comparing, making phone calls, calculating numbers, creating itineraries, how anal!
    Uh, hello? EVERYBODY does this...with the internet and everything, it's quick and can easily save you more time and money than the monetary value of the time you spent doing all that.

    It makes things smooth, efficient and complete.

    EDIT: Ok, not everyone does this...I know an ESTP who will literally drive to the airport after work on a whim to fly on the cheapest flight to any country.

    Does the guy have some magically filled default suitcase?
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    I do use the Internet uh duh!
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    Jays save more money.

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