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    Quote Originally Posted by EcK View Post
    2 words
    "Grow up"
    or the dramatic version : "Grow the fuck up"

    you have to be impolite, otherwise u get into the safe words like 'open minded' which are most used by closed minded people to make themselves feel good about how special they are.
    It's about giving people a kick, no amount of ass kissing is ever going to do it. Evolution isn't about half measures. And you can't really "teach people to think for themselves" by definition.
    I respect your opinion, although I dont agree with it.

    The thing about evolution just reminded me of Babylon 5, the tv series, in which the Vorlons and the Shadows are in disarray. I found this sentence by accident and it's really good:

    Shadow (Babylon 5) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Shadows are a fictional alien species in the science fiction television series Babylon 5. Their homeworld is Z'ha'dum. In contrast to the Vorlons, whose philosophy is represented by the question "Who are you?", that of the Shadows is represented by the question "What do you want?", centering towards desire rather than identity. J. Michael Straczynski, the show's creator, once explained that he chose the name "Shadows" because of its meaning in Jungian psychology.[1]
    If you transcend this theory to a new very theorethical plane, it should be the entp way. To create evolution, thru conflict...

    But more tomorrow, I've to write an exam in 8 hours, gn8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    I feel like I pwned you enough already for one thread. I'm not a total sadist.
    not a total sadist, no.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    A brief review will demonstrate that I merely agreed with another ENTP's assessment of ENTP characteristics.
    no, a brief review would not show that. if that's all you did then i wouldn't have said anything. what you did was take something someone else said and stated completely different "facts" by wrongly using their statement as a basis. something you constantly do. this is the post in which you did this very thing:

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    I was gonna say something to this effect - all NTs have a tendency to be combative/dismissive. And what entropie was saying about insecurity is true. Many (most?) ENTPs are profoundly insecure, hence the need to impose themselves on their environment / make an impression. They need massive amounts of reassurance too. It gets wearing. But then I realised that this is turning into the "what intps think of entps" thread.
    one, you aren't an ENTP and therefore know exactly jackshit about what one needs or how each individual one would go about getting it. two, you took what he said, twisted it into an insult, and then stated your opinions as facts. normally, i can look over stupidity like this, but when it's repeated over and over in a thread to where the topic becomes less about the OP and more about the attention-whore, then i can't help but notice it.

    and, since i, contrary to what you implied with this post:

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    Is that the one who joins private forums just to shit talk people and gossips on VM about other members here?

    Yeah, I heard about her. Bad news.
    don't do this, but instead, speak directly to the person, i spoke up. i find it interesting that you say the above AND the following and accuse me of possibly incriminating myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    Then you jumped all over me and started with your characteristically unoriginal personal attacks. *yawn*
    Give it up already.
    when, in actuality, and as i've shown with this post, that's your MO.

    when tallulah posted a meaningful post about her experiences with ONE ENTP, you then twisted that too into it being her insulting all ENTPs. and, i say 'all' because this thread isn't about her one experience, it's about ENTPs:

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    LOL. Awesome put-down.
    you then, upon "brief review", state this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    We really need to retitle this thread already. It's been hijacked by ENTP neediness.
    when there was no lead up to it at all and no proof behind the statement. it's just a flat out, characteristic, unprovoked morgan insult. which, again, wouldn't bother me on its own, but the thread started to, again, turn into why everyone should look at morgan.

    i came out and asked you to come up with a new insult, and the one you came up with is, "i pwned you!".

    well, morgan, i don't feel pwned, so try again.
    •.¸¸. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒჱܓ. இڿڰۣ.¸¸.இڿڰۣ´¯`·.─♥

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTPness View Post
    Extroverts always say that (or something like that) - "get loud, it will be fun!". But everytime I do it, it doesn't work. Everyone just goes: How is that fun?

    Being sarcastic and a jokester - that I can do. Getting loud and crazy - it just doesn't work for us most of the time.
    haha! Well it's not something that can be forced. But under certain circumstances, like lots of...
    3w4-9w1-?w6 (nearly headless nick)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    I hear that a lot from younger ENTPs, and it's possible you get "what people really think" from some people by being impolite or pushing their buttons. However, you don't get it from all people. After a certain point in life, people tire of getting poked and prodded and they expect people to have acquired some social tools. So rather than yell at you, revealing their "true thoughts," they'll simply think you're obnoxious and walk away. And you might draw the wrong conclusion from that exchange, assuming that there is something wrong with most people in the world when it might have been the approach that needed tweaking.

    You don't have to kick people's asses. Like entropie says, if you know how to ask the right questions in the right manner (respectfully, and as if you give a damn what they think), and if you have created an environment where they feel comfortable sharing that information with you, you will find that there are some very bright people in the world. You can't just expect people to share their innermost thoughts and philosophies just because someone brashly walked up and demanded it of them.
    I agree completely. And the terse nonsequitur following your post indicates that you probably have a good point.

    Another facet to this is that the answer you get if you're aggressive is likely different than the answer you get if you approach in a more civil manner. if you get up in people's faces and act hostile to them, they're likely to get emotional and come back at you with a concentrated over the top version of what they actually think, which doesn't reflect their true views and doesn't help anyone understand each other. How many times do people get in an argument and say "X politician is an idiot, and he's never done anything right!" when their actual view is more like "I will not vote for X politician, because I don't like his views on Y and Z."?

    Of course, it helps the provoker make his case, because then he can paint you as someone with extreme views that is easy to dismiss. So, eliciting someone's take by being hostile is actually quite convenient for a provoker. If you're just interested in making someone look bad, it works. But if you actually want to understand someone, it doesn't. My guess is that most people adopting this technique are interested in the former far more than the latter anyway.
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    You d think that
    Expression of the post modern paradox : "For the love of god, religions are so full of shit"

    Theory is always superseded by Fact...
    ... In theory.

    “I’d hate to die twice. It’s so boring.”
    Richard Feynman's last recorded words

    "Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart."
    Mencius (Meng-Tse), 4th century BCE

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    At some point in this thread the INTPs kept saying what they thought about ENTPs, and the ENTPs joined in. Should I change the title to "What do ENTPs think"?

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    Well... my earlier comment ceases to matter now (this also points to the validity of this comment, but we'll disregard that ). I suppose I don't know any ENTP's in real life. I suspect I know one, but even he seems more Ti-ish, perhaps this is only an observation through my lens. If he is an ENTP, then I say we get along perfectly. We can say anything we want and not offend each other.

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    Count me in on the list of INTPs who had a best friend in high school (still close to this day) that was an ENTP. He's very smart and funny, but if he doesn't respect you or something you did or said he won't sugar-coat that fact. Sometimes it can make him very abrasive, but incredibly honest.
    Does he want a pillow for his head?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    At some point in this thread the INTPs kept saying what they thought about ENTPs, and the ENTPs joined in. Should I change the title to "What do ENTPs think"?
    We'll be here all day.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Gosh, the world looks so small from up here on my high horse of menstruation.

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    One of my best friends is an INTP. We can talk for hours upon hours about pretty much anything. We generally have the same perceptions about things except, I would say he is more content with remaining ignorant about things than putting in the time to figure them out.

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