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    I rarely hate someone. That's a pretty strong word and I've found that most people are not worth investing strong emotion in. I am possibly an INTJ myself but at the time I encountered a particular self proclaimed INTJ youtuber I thought I was INFJ. After some conversation with him I found him extremely arrogant because he just wanted to keep telling me how he could see through INFJs. His arrogance got boring so I ditched him. I don't know enough about him to hate him but as the only INTJ I am aware of ever meeting he didn't make a good impression on me.
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    I only know two INTJs and one of them I think might be mistyped but they're both really nice! The one who I know for sure is an INTJ is very helpful and efficient, and always comes up with great ideas! And she seems to have a good handle on the arrogance problem. xD
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