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    Quote Originally Posted by Metaphor View Post
    [*]We need finality.

    Quote Originally Posted by Metaphor View Post
    [*]Routine jobs drive us crazy and yet we love to organize others to routine, which incorporates maximum efficiency and productivity. Then we sit back and lap up the improved numbers after handing it off to someone else to administer.
    Absolutely True!

    Quote Originally Posted by Metaphor View Post
    [*]When it comes to emotion, annoyance or anger are the ones that we're comfortable with since they're motivational due to strength, rather than blind us.
    Fight with hubby = organized Garage! Sometimes I beg him to pick a fight with me!
    Quote Originally Posted by Metaphor View Post
    [*]We hate feeling ineffective or weak.
    Fate worse than death!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post

    I would say, for myself, dont know if this is shared by other ENTJs that as a result of my function set and style I have certain expectations of people in positions of authority, particularly those who have seniority over myself in my work capacity, which frequently they fail to meet, particularly if they arent ENTJ or if they are prone to crisis of their own or corrupt behaviour.
    Absolutely how I am! I am VERY patient with underlings and am often placed in mentorship positions with new people in any department, however I can only hold my peace with a superior for so long. I will at first approach an inept leader giving them the benefit of the doubt. But will tell them the TRUTH because I mistakenly believe that everyone values the TRUTH as I do. A good boss will recognize my intention and promote me. A bad one will fire me (but in the end that is better for me! LOL)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Along with managerialism as a sociological phenomenon at all levels of society this is my ongoing bug bear but I dont imagine it would be changed by any sort of tests or profiling, people with neurotic needs for power can pull an ENTJ result when what they are exhibiting is something very different and its possible to learn about and fool a psychometric or MBTI test.
    I would have to agree! ENTJs are not necessarily totalitarian . . . we wouldn't get along with ISTPs so well if we were!

    Quote Originally Posted by FDG View Post
    I mostly relate, except some:
    I would personally add a slightly higher focus on intellectual matters, since they seem to be somewhat left out from your list - I love complex problems, topics, subjects, where I feel like I am solving a puzzle by penetrating deeply into the core of the subject-matter (I suppose that's Ni).
    Solving problems or ingesting some new information about how the world works is how I RELAX!!
    Quote Originally Posted by bcubchgo View Post
    how it *feels* to be an ENTJ?? lol We're not supposed to have feelings... at least not obvious ones.

    emotional mirror
    I find that I sometimes mirror people's emotions to a certain degree. If they are angry at me I get angry back. If they are joking around with me I'll joke right back. lately, I have had a hard time being around people who are not optimistic. I don't like it when I have to interact with people that are negativity grumps - it just saps me of my joie de vivre.
    Hmmm . . . I would have to say that I was pretty much stoic from a very young age. The main reason my ISTP husband gets angry with him is because I don't reflect his emotion like he reflects mine. He always feels like I am psychoanalyzing him when I am just trying to get information to solve "the problem" but I have learned that he's much happier when I just burst into tears or something . . . I have to force myself to do that a couple of times a year to maintain equilibrium.
    Quote Originally Posted by bcubchgo View Post
    just trying to optimize it, ma'am
    I find that the one things I hate being misconstrued on is when I am telling someone a critique of something and they interpret it as if I am saying it just to be a pain in the ass. 99% of the time I am not trying to be like that - I just can't help but alert people to what I believe to be flaws in their process. Sometimes people interpret me as being cantankerous when I am really only trying to help. Sometimes i find myself qualifying my speech with "I really don't mean to be a pain in the ass... BUT....." ME TOO!

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    I might be falling in love with you metaphor

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    Heart you too, YW!

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    Jenaphor, that is a jolly good synopsis of how I feel, think, and operate.

    Also, I find when in groups I am less harsh than I should be when other people do something less than desirable.

    Instead, I end up coaxing them to make the right decision.

    If push comes to shove, and someone is getting hurt because of another individual, an unintentional verbal lash out will usually occur.

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    EXTJs are the hardest types to get along with.

    Irritably aggressive they are.

    Compulsive it seems rather than a ploy.

    Is it only to me or is it a common trait to most I wonder.

    It cannot obviously be me.

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