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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanan View Post
    That's a tuff one. I know where you're coming from. I found, right here, that the age difference really doesn't matter though. You'll see that. But, yes, I really, really, do know. I just cannot get interested in what brand of baby diapers are best or what cleaning product is... its been a constant problem. I have, with age, learned to be gracious though and endure it to a point. I'm like you and very "I."
    I think that's why my personality is so compartmentalized. I very rarely can relate wholly to other people. I've had to learn to be social and polite around the small-talkers because I grew up in a small Southern town, and was surrounded by people who only cared about mundane, daily things. But I do realize that that stuff is important to them, so I do try to make the effort. But they only see a very small part of who I am.

    With others, I might have a couple of overlapping interests, but I meet very few people that I feel really connected to. I'm not really into typical INTP stuff like Star Wars and gaming. I like acting, but I'm an extreme introvert and I get nervous around so many people who seem to have no personal boundaries. I love playing guitar, and I'm in a band, but I'm not really into the whole lifestyle, with the partying and stuff--I just like the music. So I tend to just compartmentalize and connect in those small ways, but I don't feel like there are many people that really know me. I wish I liked people enough to bridge the whole gap, but I can't seem to make the effort. I think maybe I have taken the mirroring thing to the extreme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    Yeah, there is really no excuse for that. I hate small talk, too, but it's a necessary part of getting to know someone. If that had happened to me, I'd have wanted to walk out of the restaurant.
    Yeah I wouldve done that too, except that I was in total shock and hurt too, so i was gathering my feelings on what the hell is going on. Yes, small talk is necessary for civilty.

    Quote Originally Posted by LostInNerSpace View Post
    I felt someone the other day. I don't mean I groped her or anything like that, I mean I had an internal feeling. I forget exactly where it was, but she was serving me behind a counter somewhere.

    Is it in my head or is that how feelers feel people? I'm thinking that talking and analyzing feelers is somehow helping to develop that function in me.

    Then again, I've also had other flash backs. Kind of extreme feelings of power and confidence. A couple of times I became delusional. Look ma, no drugs! Not since college anyway.
    Yes LostInnerspace, Thats how Feelers feel. Things happen inside their heart, its like 4 seasons all in one go- theres warmth, coolness, breezes of happiness, lukewarm winds to full blown tornadoes.
    Sometimes the heart literally feels the pain and joy- literally. You feel a contraction and expansion of the heart. Some feelings elevate you- and you feel like youre ascending into the heavens, while others constrict you- and you feel heavier than mountains.
    Hope that helps atleast a bit?

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