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    Quote Originally Posted by ReflecttcelfeR View Post
    This! I feel like this! I couldn't describe it. I was thinking that maybe I was an unhealthy INTJ. Though, just to make sure.... What would an INTP who hasn't worked on their Ne look like?
    Without Ne, the INTP gets stuck in a Ti-Si loop, which tends to make them fixed of view and unwilling to explore new possibilities. An unhealthy INTP tends to think that they already have all the answers, so there is no need to actually go out and check on things.

    Sometimes, they also become rather obsessive, focusing in on a particular problem and how to solve it. This can get so bad that other aspects of their life suffer.
    Don't make whine out of sour grapes.

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    Unfortunately, I can be considered one... My life dwells in the studies of the metaphysical. As I grew up I haven't developed many of my extraverted functions so I ended up using Ni and Fi most of the time. Te only comes out at the most comfortable of situations when I'm with the closest of friends and family. Still, not very social, I developed more of a use of Ti rather than Te for a love of logic, which in turn tried to look for any logical aspect to how my fantasies could actually not be a fantasy and be true.

    For example:
    If I thought about fairies. I would end up thinking about how it would be possible fairies could exist and why wouldn't they exist thus making me believe that fairies may exist using logical sense to bring it to a possible reality. This would include 'why people don't believe in fairies' 'why fairy samples are never shown' 'why fairies are never seen' 'the study of the ancient myths of fairies' 'the possible dimensions that fairies live in' 'the biology of fairies and their habitats and how it could revolve into reality' Pretty much every factor that points to the non-existence of fairies would be thought around with logical sense. So the existence of fairies would metaphorically remain equal to an alien on a distant planet contemplating whether the myth of humans is true or not. As in it is either true or false with no physical proof to back up any of the sides.

    That is not to say I believe in fairies. I haven't yet had my interest towards it to try to analyse it yet. Maybe one day I will...

    Although this is like me, I have enough sense to filter out my thoughts and behaviour on to the plate for me to be someone who seems of sensible mind.

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    Out of touch with reality big time. We don't have any reality or structure without Te. I know it's good for my sanity to have some (not too much, though :p) form of structure imposed on me and to be integrated in a system because I don't have the instinct to do it myself. My Te seems to be activated by being in a Te environment. But the effect wears off *fast*...if I don't have my daily dose of reality my mind wanders off quickly...and it wants to stay in no man's land once it's there. The wandering is good, but only up to a point. The other INTJ I know closely is high Te and does organise instinctively. In fact he overdoes it. However, he's often told me that he knows he needs to order the chaos around him so as to avoid being engulfed by it...that it's a survival mechanism. I am much more attracted by chaos, but "if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you"*.

    *Which kind of brings us back to Ni fascination with (RPG) computer games for those who *know*. :p

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