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    My inferior Fe episodes involve alot of screaming, slamming doors, crying, throwing things, even hitting other people in my youth. The inferior episodes scare the shit out of me and I wonder how could I have lost control of myself to such an extent. I usually feel very guilty afterwards about how I reacted. Luckily this only happens about 2 or 3 times a year.
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    I lived as a very strange sort of INFJ child/teen. I was entirely trapped into a boxed off quiet place but without any of the INFJ beauty to go with it-just protective walls. An INFJ doorslam upon the world.

    Even now if hurt very badly I can feel the shadow Ni detachment and the shadow Fe sens eof shame come flooding back. But as I have grown to recognize this as part of myself...I recognize it as it happens, thus short circuit the process or cope in a more healthy way.

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