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    Quote Originally Posted by HotpinkHeatwave View Post
    I had dated an ENTP a while ago (during January, dead of winter.)

    He claimed I was the first girl he ever really loved.

    He was also very young (15 going on 16.)

    We had a nasty breakup.

    A little while ago, he tried readding me on facebook. I had blocked both of his other accounts (meaning he made a new one.)

    He wants to be friends again.

    What does it mean for an ENTP to come back to you?

    I heard if an ENTP really likes you, they will make an effort to stay in contact with you.

    He is also the first ENTP (out of the many I know) to come back to me.

    Your thoughts?

    Thank you.

    Loyalty. Maybe he really does like you.

    The reason I believe this is that ENTP's can drop someone they don't care about like a brick and never look back or think twice about it.

    Ask him why he likes you. And I wouldn't proceed unless or until I had an answer.
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    Funny - Years later, this ENTP STILL comes back to me. Now that i'm older however, I realize its probably just physical attraction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotpinkHeatwave View Post
    I'm in another relationship, we couldn't be fuck buddies,

    I like reconnecting with ppl. Why not? Ppl change, me including.

    Why even bother asking on the forum. Is there anything more serious you might be worried about? Violence?

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