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    Quote Originally Posted by bcubchgo View Post
    Vice President of the Advice Council of America
    Vice President? Oh yes, I forgot I was the executive director over there

    hah JK

    She still gives great advice though, I mean - walk you heart down the money trail

    How many marriages are broken due to financial conflict? It may not be everything, but its something to consider. A marrige is composed of many "gears" eg. romance, communication, affection, respect, integrity, sacrfice, and of course - the financial aspect.

    If one gear is flawed - what good are the other gears?

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    Salt N Pepper is telling right here. Physical attraction, energy, enthusiasm, demonstrated priority, solid follow through, demonstrated independence, intellectual competence, some level of goals/ambition/plans, and some shared interests. These tend to lead initially.
    Form is none other than emptiness; emptiness is not separate from form.

    Recognize the truth, maintain the view, rest in spontaneous liberation.

    Whenever possible, act decisively, with intent and execute skillfully. When this is impossible, avoid acting until it becomes possible, or improvise and act conservatively.

    What is your vision? How do you make it come alive?

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