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    Quote Originally Posted by FlamingMask View Post
    Agreed with the three above.

    Read a lot of profiles, and get a feel for which you honestly identify with the most. Look at cognitive functions, especially for which you think are your dominant two. Last, give some temperament tests a try. It's an easy launching point towards finding your four-letter type, since you may have an easier time finding out two letters first.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    Maybe read a few profiles that are one letter off, and see if you find a better match. Probably starting with INFP.
    and this

    Interaction styles can be a good way of figuring it out also.
    Interaction Styles

    Random link which has a slight chance of helping...

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    Interesting. That one thought I am an INTP, when I think it is more accurate to say I am an ENTJ
    Form is none other than emptiness; emptiness is not separate from form.

    Recognize the truth, maintain the view, rest in spontaneous liberation.

    Whenever possible, act decisively, with intent and execute skillfully. When this is impossible, avoid acting until it becomes possible, or improvise and act conservatively.

    What is your vision? How do you make it come alive?

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