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    Quote Originally Posted by suttree View Post
    Jaguar, you seem to think the mbti is a poor or perhaps unethical mechanism for doing so. Could you explain your thinking?
    What is unethical is not allowing others to be the final arbiter regarding their alleged type, or claiming people are types they are not - then stalking them, and insisting they are that type.

    MBTI is not mentioned in my post:

    As far as MBTI being used to determine type, feel free to use this forum's search function. We have beat that horse to death in many a discussion. Just because someone scores a certain type on the MBTI, doesn't mean it's actually their type. It's merely a possibility that may, or may not, be true. MBTI or any online clone's test-retest reliability, can be abysmal.

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    Ah. You mean in the context of this forum.

    It is worse than annoying to have your perceived type questioned and feel you have to defend yourself.

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