My dad and I are friends. We talk about all kinds of interesting things and do things together. I'd say we have a great relationship. But if we go a couple of weeks without talking, we don't ask each other about our feelings or moods. We both think it's irrelevant. It won't add anything positive to our interaction. We ask about projects, movies, books, ideas, insights, and accomplishments. I'm sure some people might think that since we NEVER talk about feelings that our relationship is lacking something, but in my opinion, it's perfect this way.

I don't think I have a person in my life who wants to know my emotions. I'm not upset about this, but I think it would be fun to experience.

I'm also a bit turned off by the whole "How was your day?" thing. If they're just saying it to start a conversation, that's okay. But if they actually want to know.. it seems just as dumb as asking me how many times I've pooped so far this week.

It's not that I'm not interested in other people's feelings at all, but if it's important enough, you'll know without asking. They'll either tell you or you'll be able to see it.