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    My knowledge on this says that when you experience some sort of overwhelming stress you actually suffer brain damage, not major, but your brain lets your primitive, "reptilian" brain take over for a while until you recover. Its like you're operating on instinct, because you are, that's what that part of your brain does. It takes time but the other side will gradually reassert itself, at first you wont recollect, or well, the details of whatever caused the overwhelming stress without it plunging you back into reptilian brain mode, but gradually you get longer spans of reasoning mind, shorter spans of the other and an ability to recollect with reverting. Could be you do all this rationalising, objectively your mind operates like it happened to someone else, then there's acknowledgment but minimising, dismissing, then finally full comprehension.

    It takes time, most of all you need safety, so whatever triggers the overwhelming stress isnt directly re-experienced, and the sometimes powerful associations which can trigger involuntary memories, a film, a sound, a smell, anything, can be handled well enough.

    I'd say dont rush yourself. The only time I experienced real bad trauma I was in a mess, I dont think I properly recovered from that, its just there in my mind and its unpleasant. I do operate more in the present and count the blesses instead of thinking of the past and future than I did previously. Got guilt too. A lot of the time I dont think about it, think of other things altogether. I never tried anything to overcome the trauma. I think that would be self-defeating and for a while I obeyed my instincts but didnt so anything I thought would result in addictive behaviour or dependencies or bad habits or greater guilt.
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    I usually get further lost in my head. Lost in a TV show. Lost in a book. Lost on the computer. Then I realize I'm upset. Badly. I feel lonely but don't want to be around people. And the craziest thing is I usually have no idea why I'm upset. It takes a lot of sorting out to figure it out. I am still dealing with what to do during this time. I've been advised to just sit in the emotion and be okay with feeling that way, but that's much easier said than done for me. I end up cleaning and organizing monotonously until I forget it all. I am trying to deal with things, and writing down random thoughts helps me piece together what is wrong. Try a word map. It helps.
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    A couple years ago, I dealt with stuff like that in a very unhealthy way.

    Now, it sort of goes in order like this, considering if things aren't resolved in my mind, it'll move on to #2, #3, so on.

    1. Take a really long time to realize what happened/what's happening.
    2. Realize that my emotions are getting out of hand because of this event.
    3. Talk to a close friend about why everything's happening, other people's motives, why they have those motives, just, everything until I have some sort of understanding of the situation.
    4. If 3 doesn't work out, I'll just cry in my room for a while, become pretty depressed, or take a really long drive to nowhere. I usually just bitch all the time too. It's really easy to tell when I'm in a terrible mood.
    5. If I don't feel better then, I'll plot revenge in some way if someone did something to me, or get something back.

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    I tend to go out and drink more than usual. Not continuously, but twice a week at least.
    Also tend to hit on lots of women and sleep with as many as I can manage getting into bed.
    I don't really talk about it, since that seriously doesn't help me at all.
    Believe me, i've tried. My family goes batshit crazy when I don't want to be around them.
    They smother me when i'm down, and just being with them five minutes is hell.

    I've got a few periods in my life where i've been severely depressed.
    When I was: 13-15, 19-21 and half a year until May this year when I turned 23.
    Memories from my latest episode aren't that blurry, I think i've gotten used to it, but I seriously have months missing here and there during the other periods.
    I know I evolve and change every time it happens. Sort of a fast-track to developing myself in all sorts of mental areas.
    I believe these "episodes" are the reasons that I grew to be much more introverted than before, to the point where that became my preference.

    How I deal with depression?

    I turn inward during alone-time and sleep a lot. I really believe sleeping helps me.
    It's, as far as I know, the place where I get to "talk" to my subconscious almost freely.
    I always dream very vividly, and I usually remember the important parts when I wake up.
    Sort of odd, but I almost always get what the dreams mean. Sort of my own symbolic language, so I guess it all comes down to knowing ones desires, fears and feelings.
    The dreams usually tell me a bit about where I should proceed from where I am.
    Even if the dream was seemingly unrelated to reality, if you aren't me.

    Alright, that's how I solve it. But that might not be where I spend my time awake.
    I will probably read a lot to escape reality into the world of another.
    Sometimes, I will seek "adventure". Sometimes I change my life completely.
    Like this time around. I became healthy, and started acting less like others want and more like who I am inside.
    Depression causes me to realize things and change perspectives on things.

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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    Distraction, to me is key. Go out and / or accomplish stuff. Find ways to re-initialize your own positive thought processes. Slowly you will gain more control of the situation.

    I find that setting goals for myself in situations like that allows me to focus on something else instead of sitting at home lost in my own thoughts. Just get out and try to be normal. You will be able to fool your brain for a while instead of beat yourself up.

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    I ignored it until I couldn't ignore it anymore and then I rationalized it.

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    I put it away until I'm ready to handle it. Then I bring it out, break it down into actionable items and then address each item individually. Sometimes, I have to put some of the actionable items away until next time.

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    drugs, but it didnt help, it never does. Eventually time did, cause you cant remember bad emotions forever, they get replaced with new ones, better ones of new hope...

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