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Well, the meeting was definitely something he should not have missed. He's leading the meeting, so he needed to be there. Like I said, if I were him, I wouldn't have missed the meeting either. The meeting was definitely more important than what we were doing, but it wasn't like the meeting of the century or anything like that. It was a routine meeting. But, I know he plans well in advance for such meetings - he's very well prepared and likes them to go according to plan.

Even so, he could have prevented all of the stress by saying something like, "I need to leave 2 hours before my meeting so that I can prepare myself mentally." My whole point here is: go ahead and take whatever time you need for preparation, travel, etc. But, whatever you do, don't allow yourself to stress out that much over a very routine thing. Adjust your schedule in a way that you can remain relatively stress free. And that will be different for each person.
Perhaps he was already getting mentally ready for the meeting, but still didn't feel like saying "no" to your friend's request for help (sometimes it's not so easy to say "no" when people ask you to do something "minor" which you kind of don't feel like doing), yet he couldn't shake the uneasy feeling. From my perspective this seems quite normal, although of course it's biased since my type and his type coincide.