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    I think I'm too real to realize I'm actually a god.

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    Meh, I'll seriously bite then.

    This is absolutely bogus.

    First I'll amuse myself... *shrug*

    A 'dumb' person doing something vaguely right will take great pride, in his attempts to belong. This is natural.

    A 'smart' person realizes that, although he might excel in something, he will not excel in everything, and may at times wish he would excel in other things. Which will naturally show as an inferior sensation.

    I sense that is the hypothesis of the article. But now for the real problem. :P

    But the contrast being made between 'dumb' and 'smart' people is a short-sighted and narrow-minded perspective at best. To keep it MBTI style: everyone has their own set of skills. Be it intellectually, or emotionally. Intuitively or sensory. It is a fact that each brain is capable of near similar possibilities, and our strengths merely lie in our preferences. So there are no 'dumb' or 'smart' people.

    I don't have inferiority complexes. I am painfully aware of both my geniosity in some areas and my severe short-comings in other areas. But I take solice in the fact that it gives me a unique identity. And that is something everyone should be consciously proud off. My self-confidence amazes me at times, I have a big ego, I have my strengths and my weaknesses. I am neither dumb nor smart.

    Where I can see an article like this and put it off as bogus merely upon looking into it, seeing it has no evident usefullness whatsoever as it painstakingly attempts to get results out of an obviously incomplete function. There will be something that stands against that, something I am incapable of, where others may excel.

    Geniosity resides within us all.

    There is something to be said about people who use that and people who don't use it though. But the capability still remains.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uumlau View Post
    Perhaps it's even a more basic error of perspective: one assumes that one is about as good as everyone else. The competent assume that others are just as competent, and thus rank themselves lower, in terms of percentages. The incompetent assume that others are just as competent, and thereby rank themselves higher.

    It isn't so much an issue of competence or lack thereof, but of comparison with the group as a whole.
    If the compotent believe others are just as compotent why would they rank themselves lower than others they deem as compotent? There are too many variables at work here. We need specific tests given to the groups. Then we'd have to avoid common sense in every argument against or for this test we could make.

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    You misread it, I think: they rank themselves as less competent than they are. I.e., everyone ranks themselves as "above average," but not extremely good or extremely bad, even if they are extremely good or extremely bad. So the extremely good rank themselves as above average, as to the extremely bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uumlau View Post
    You misread it, I think: they rank themselves as less competent than they are.[/I] I.e., everyone ranks themselves as "above average," but not extremely good or extremely bad, even if they are extremely good or extremely bad. So the extremely good rank themselves as above average, as to the extremely bad.
    I understand this part, the bolded. The underlined doesn't quite make sense to me. Above average would mean good. The way I see you meaning it is that they are above average to the bad, but below average to the good... this would mean that they deem themselves average and not incompotent, which goes against the test results. This reasoning also covers the unaltered text. This is a weird test anyway. So many fallicies.

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    The last discussion of this didn't get too far.

    Anyhow, that contains some of my thoughts on this.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

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    I've read this article before. Here's my interpretation of it: the higher intelligence someone holds is correlated with their propensity to doubt themselves; therefore, the less intelligent are less inclined to doubt their own decisions, making them seem more confident in what they do.

    This theory must have a limit, however, since the most intelligent people would then be the most anxious, self-doubting losers on the planet. Actually this may be the case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MagnificentMind View Post
    Wait, what about people who sport deserved egos? Those must exist.
    :yim_rolling_on_the_ It HAD to be an INTJ !!!!!!
    The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Neither love without knowledge, nor knowledge without love can produce a good life. - Bertrand Russell
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    Guys, the article/theory doesn't state that this is true of everyone, but rather of a few who have problems estimating their worth/ability. It doesn't try to state that there is one intelligence--I believe it mentions how people who are bad at tennis or something don't notice until they become sufficiently skilled enough to know how bad they were. It actually goes into quite bit of depth to see how one's misinformed perceptions about him/herself affect how they live and view reality due to their lack of general knowledge (whether that lack of knowledge be in thinking that others are higher or lower than they are is a double-sided coin.)

    The underlying point of the theory is that, at a base level, you have to be smart enough to know how smart you are. If you're not smart enough to do that, you'll encounter problems.

    I would say the flip side to that is that, at a base level, if you're so smart, but fail to realize how smart (read: dumb) others are, you will also run into problems.
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    Smart people tend to be very aware they're smart. It's idiots that are generally affected by the Dunning-Kruger effect.

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