I'm an INTP and I consider my self to be a highly musical person. Well... at least in terms of comprehension, theory, and general knowledge. My entire life I've had a natural ability to store and recall an inextinguishable volume of information. Combine that with my keen ear, eclectic taste, and what I can only describe as a metronome that was built into my head, and what you get is some serious musical capacity. Basically, I have a bottomless musical database inside of my brain. I can instinctively hear a song and tell you what the time signature is, or if a single note is a little flat, or if something needs to go here instead of there. And as far as music history or trivia goes... don't even get me started.

But when it comes to actually playing and instrument or creating original compositions, I'm completely inept. I'm extremely un-kinesthetic (if that's even a word). My brain works so fast that my fingers can't keep up. I end up having to pause my thought process to concentrate on what my hands are doing. So that means strings and keys are out of question. With my natural sense of timing and ability to remember patterns, I'd probably be an amazing drummer if my body wasn't so damn uncoordinated. Although I can accurately recite lyrics or hum the notes from virtually any song I've heard a few times, I don't have the slightest idea which notes actually are being played. I know there's DEFGABC, but I have no idea which note is which. I can't read or write music either, but I think that's just because I never bothered trying to learn.

So would I consider myself musically inclined... sure. Am I a musician... definitely not. I'm a gifted writer, but my singing voice is terrible, so being a frontman is probably out of the question too. Such is the curse of my INTPness I suppose. I guess I just wasn't meant to be a rock star. Good thing I have my lucrative Hollywood movie career to fall back on