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    I was lying in bed and I began to think about how to improve thinking processes and what the best of each (NT,NF,SJ,SP) category would be, and how to achieve that. In reasoning with myself I approached it from each side of the function, literally.

    I found that if you were able to control both your I/E and your P/J you could control the positional qualities, as well as the directional qualities of the functions you most rely on. Thus making these the most effective without trying to change fundamental views of your thinking process like N/S and F/T.

    These would be them:

    So how does this sound?

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    But I still think function theory is overrated. I for one, would be an ENTP with a lot of Se, which makes no sense according to the theory.

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    According to Jung though, F and T are secondary functions to J and P for sensor types. It all becomes a bit confusing. And then, you would also have to have mastery over your neuroticism which is the lacking element in MBTI from the Big Five, as well as all firm grounding of what your motivations are from enneagram. Overall, although I think that there is always room to expand and grow, I think a person will never be exactly centered in their line of thinking. They will always have a predisposition and a worldview, tainting their outlook on life, thought, and experience.
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    Thus making the SJ and SP... which wouldn't actually exist without Myer. I don't know how that works out actually, because I saw what you are talking about, but didn't know how to classify it. I just went with the assumption that the J/P aspect wouldn't have an effect other than that of directionality.

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    Everybody is capable of doing everything. MBTI is just about what you are comfortable with doing. Where your preferences lie. You can only reach to a descision once after all.

    In the sense that you say, I change my I/E and P/J for work regularly. And it's effective, it gets things done, but it tires me and I need to be careful not to have it impact on my actual self too much. It's just acting, after all.
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    Very true. This exercise was mainly meant to help you better yourself at all aspects of the two main functions that you choose to rely on. Though you don't only use those functions I was just thinking of how to balance the person you already wished to be.

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