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    I don't know ENFJs, but I can comment on observations based on my ENTJ dad.

    Quote Originally Posted by Santtu View Post
    I've came to associate ENTJ with being (or aspiring to be) some kind of a boss - not necessarily in the literal meaning, tho.
    My dad has been in management before, but he didn't enjoy it. He doesn't want to be a boss because he doesn't want to be the bad guy when people need to be fired. He is drawn to leadership positions and people perceive him as a leader. He prides himself on his ability to lead, but he'd rather be the advisor or facilitator.

    He is more of an idea man than a man of action. He is always actively accomplishing many things, but his endeavors always have to serve some idea or ideal. He is very goal-oriented, but his goals need to be meaningful. He is very capable of doing things just to get them done, but if it doesn't excite him he'll put it off until the last moment.

    I've thought that ENTJ plays the leading game part for fun, part for personal ambitions and part because of altruism.
    The ideal of altruism is very important to my dad and he likes to combine this with his personal ambitions. And he is only ambitious about things he enjoys meaning he isn't interested in ambition merely for the sake of gaining power.

    New projects needs to be done, in order to increase the GDP, the flow of money, to make everyone richer (in a literal sense). They tend to sell their ideas by showing how beneficial they are, tho as any marketing speak, it may or may not be accurate. They play the game by winning people on their side and organizing them.
    My dad is an amazing people person. What you say describes my dad perfectly.

    My dad would never use people towards a goal or he wouldn't think of it that way. My dad is obsessed with an ethical outlook and highly values social order and norms. Almost everything for him is about how it serves others. He identifies with the groups and organizations he belongs to. He has become very religiously involved as he has aged.

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    ^Very good and realistic description of an ENTJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPiranha View Post
    However, ENTJs utilize people and systems with an objectivity that I completely lack.
    Ok, you've (and you all) have given a convincing case that ENFJ's aren't the "human engineers". Perhaps that's more ENTJ's style.

    Perhaps I shouldn't also be that surprised. I can compare that xNTP both have the extreme love for knowledge (core belief), even tho they use it bit differently. I've associated INFJ as a type who quietly desires the very best for everyone (core belief), so it's understandable to be ENFJ's core belief too.

    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPiranha View Post
    Athena is every inch the impersonal (read: not cold or robotic) entrepreneur and I'm not at all. I circulate around people and she circulates around concepts. She needs her IDEAS and INNOVATIONS reinforced to feel good. For me, it's a need for intimate connection and personal values.
    This sounds very sensible, and probably describes most people of your types as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPiranha View Post
    We both have the same drive for competence however and a similar level of force that I prefer to regard as assertive rather than aggressive.

    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPiranha View Post
    We also like to work systems, make them work for us. Like our phones or computers or cars etc. We see them as something to be fully utilized.
    Hmm, so you cover both sides.. but it seems reasonable, I thought that one systemizer ENFJ boss I know in a software house was a rarity, but perhaps it isn't so. ENTJ's interests cover both people and systems, so why shouldn't ENFJ's!

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