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    Default men with good ideas are sexy

    I am currently collecting quotes. I figured its a good helper in the daytrade to always tell people an improper quote. I even thought about loaning a tagger and to run around randomly tagging things. If you have any taggeable quotes, shoot, good quotes I am even willing to send a beer via airmail, in a tagged bottle of course:

    "The wise egoist: only if I feel good, I can help others."

    "A well-working economy needs a dumb population."

    "Every third twelve year old is smoking, the rest is too blotto to open the box."

    "Oil spill in the golf of Mexico: cynics say, now the americans have as well a filled up Golf at the front door."

    "72 percent say, there is too much sex on television. They would like to switch the channel but they havent got a hand free."

    "15 percent of men think their penis is too small, the rest knows the ruler is broken."

    "Impotent is if you want, but cannot, frigid is when you can, but dont want and senile is if you can and want but dont know what."

    "For many men driving in a car is like sex, the wife is sitting apathetically next to them, shouting: not so fast, not so fast !"

    "Humans today know no polite distance in relationships no more. You have sex a few times and next thing they want to know is your first name."

    "85 percent of woman think their ass is too fat, but 5 percent are still happy to have married him."

    "The vibrators tested by the German product test foundation all received the grade of satisfactory."

    "Statistics are: if the hunter shoots one time to the right of the bunny and one time to to the left of the bunny; on average then the bunny is dead."

    "Retirement pay not before the age of 67 ? Many Germans say we like to work longer but where ?"

    "A terrible newsflash: every 3rd twelve year old is smoking: the industry reacted in an instant and produced nicotine patches with dinosaur motives."

    "Cleaning is very dangerous, nearly every men already stumbled over their cleaning wife in the kitchen and drilled his beer bottle in the own forehead."

    "Biathlon: running to a point in cold frost and then to shoot things, thats a thing Germans are traditionally good at."

    "Alcohol, caning and sex is in cologne called carnival."

    "I am never ill, I have an immune system like a train station hooker in Bukarest."

    "To 70 percent of the Germans being a good neighbour is very important. The other 30 percent live at the borders next to the netherlands and poland."

    "Woman on average live 5 years longer than men, because God isnt counting the time they needed for parking."

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    "Kids learn in school that honesty, integrity and the care for salvation are the main driving forces in life. And then reality teaches them with that kind of attitude they are mere dreamers."

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