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    Quote Originally Posted by slowriot View Post

    So I have a question in that regard, what would you do if the guy got overwhelmed by your sudden interest?
    Hahaha, a few weeks before I started liking him, I made a comment to him that set off a red flag in him. I don't remember what it was, but he panicked and told me that he wasn't interested in a relationship right now due to bad timing. I laughed at him and told him to settle down and get over himself and then I just continued doing what I wanted to do. Silly little INTP...

    I think that's when I started to notice him, actually, come to think of it...

    So when I decided I liked him, I remembered his reaction from before. So that's why I told him immediately that I had a weird lovey stomach feeling so he could back away and retreat if he wanted. Better now than later. I just wanted to put it all out there, so he couldn't feign surprise later when I came on full force. But he was into it.

    If he hadn't been into it, I would have cut my losses and moved on. No harm, no foul because I wasn't invested yet.

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    I absolutely love the way y'all got together. I think if I felt really secure in liking someone I could do that. But I'm mostly a slow-mover, and if I don't know you and how you react in a lot of situations, it'd be hard for me to take the leap. I could maybe do that with a friend I developed an interest in, but definitely couldn't do it with someone I'd only known for a short period of time with no prior friendship. I have to feel you out first. I'm interested in a definite E, and am hoping not to completely frustrate him with this fact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
    I think Jenocyde's "method" sounds pretty liberating. You have all your bases covered from the beginning so that you don't have to go through all of the anxiety of bringing the subjects up later, or trying to guess what the other person is thinking (about, say, when you should move in together, for instance.) You just maturely and calmly deal with them from the start. It sounds lovely. Then you can just enjoy each other without any of that BS weighing you down!

    As for how I behave if I am romantically interested in someone, I'm not going to lie, I withdraw and hold out without telling anyone. If the person shows (recognizable) interest in me, then I'll just straightforwardly tell them that I'm interested in them as well. But unless the other person acts first, it's pretty much doomed. Unless maybe I'm drunk and feeling gregarious/run-at-the-mouth.
    I totally agree Jenocydes kind of relationship is how I would like a relationship to be like.

    And the second paragraph I am very much the same. Its very few times Ive initiated the relationship.

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