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    I really don't mind if they don't go to the toilet the second they feel its coming. Let it ripen a bit inside, it's all good. I voice no objection.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by neptunesnet View Post
    Oh whatever. What do you expect her to wear? Lace from Victoria's Secret? All the time?

    Heck no.

    You get to walk around in your nice, loose, cotton boxers that probably didn't exceed the price of a sack of potatoes while she has to invest in wedgie-inducing, tight little panties that barely hold up for a year? She needs to let things down there breathe, too!

    I'd even presume your roommate walked around the place "like she wasn't embarrassed" because she probably wasn't. And shouldn't have been.

    Did I accidentally put "r" instead of "s" between the "M" and "C" in my username? Oops.

    For just normal everyday stuff, I prefer normal, cotton bikini styles, usually stuff from Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood, etc.

    Sometimes though I'll lounge around in other thiings to surprise my roommates in.

    I don't tend to be popular with the lady roomies.
    3w4-9w1-?w6 (nearly headless nick)
    Lawful Evil



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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcockburn View Post
    Did I accidentally put "r" instead of "s" between the "M" and "C" in my username? Oops.

    You know after I posted I had a brief thought: "It'd be so funny if he weren't a he." But I looked at the circumstances (i.e., your username, the thread you were posting in, etc) and just decided to wait it out. Ah, well. It happens I'll save my ramblings for when I'm itching to cause a bit of trouble somewhere else in these forums.

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