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    ^ That usually works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainne View Post

    So I have this ENTP who wants to buy a car. But the problem is every time we settle on a specific car, he suddenly changes his mind and argue this other car is better...

    What's worse is every time I list the reasons why this car is a good choice, he argues why it's bad and every time I argue why this car is bad, he argues why it's good.

    How do I help this ENTP reach a decision?
    1. Tell him the next car he advocates, is the one that is to be chosen.
    2. Pick the car YOU want, and convince him that the car is "so not for him", and "totally NOT his style."

    Being a contrarian bugger, he'll argue, and by virtue of deal #1, that car is selected.
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    My arrow doesn't make sense anymore, hahaha. I've never been car shopping so I wouldn't know how to help specifically, but I imagine at some point he'll be forced into making a decision. I don't know the circumstances of why your friend is searching for a car, but you may have to wait for that time.

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    Ask him: "If you had to buy a car at this very moment, your life depends on it. Which one would it be." And don't take no for an answer if he still refuses to buy that one.

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    I can decide quite quickly, actually... even for big things. My husband and I bought a house after the first visit of the first house; a car after the first visit to the first garage. I can buy myself a new garderobe in +/- two hours. Maybe because I hate clothes shopping... now about books, that's another story.

    Probably he just hates to have "options closed" on him. If you buy car 1, that means you can't have car 2, 3, ..., 100 000 at that same moment. As long as you didn't decide, you virtually have all cars at the same time. And we Ns (I guess especially Ne users, the NPs) enjoy "dreaming of a car" almost as much as of "owning a car". Now compare of dreaming of 100 000 cars with owning just one car... and the Te (as long as I don't decide I have *no car*) can't beat the Ti (there is one best car and I'm determined to solve this optimization problem *exactly*).

    But how to get an ENTP to decide?

    For me, a deadline works wonders. Next Saturday you buy a car. If you haven't chosen by then, you buy car 1. This deadline has to come from someone I respect and/or love. If I don't decide by then, I'm annoying him and I don't want to. Te alone can't beat Ti; but if my Te and my Fe work together...
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    LOL @ the situation, sweetie I've long since stopped shopping with people, because it doens't matter what they way, I'll make my own choice. Get yourself a paper or a game boy and just let him smooze around the cars he will eventually bottom his N out.


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    Yeah, if there is no strict deadline and I haven't made up my mind, then it will not be made up until I'm good 'n ready. You can't force it. Offer sexual bribes or read a book while you wait.

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