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    Quote Originally Posted by ObeyBunny View Post
    Okay, please read this.

    I'm not joking or being sarcastic when I say that this guy sounds like a potential wife beater.

    Here are some signs to look out for. The following are not my words, I took them from websites that tell you how to spot a wife beater:

    [Emotional Abuse Facts
    His behaviour is equaly as likely with a girlfirned who toys with his affections is messes him around.

    Yes controlling issues are usually associeted with men who have problems so the list above it not a bad thing to circulate, however if a person has been driving another person nuts with insecurity they do tend to get clingy - with out the hitting thing going on or the abuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcockburn View Post
    I have a small problem. The problem is about the size of Pluto, so it's really a big problem, rendered relatively small in the world of war, disease and global warming. Ahem...never mind.

    Anyway, I've been going out with a confirmed ENTJ for about a year, and he's the typical ENTJ in every way (he's the typical ENTJ to the level of parody) - except when dealing with me.

    He calls obsessively, everyday at least 3 times, will KEEP calling me until he can tape me down for a date. He'll show up at my job site, CALL me at work (when my boss answers, he has the audacity to bark at him to put me on the phone.) Every time he does it, I tell him that it's inappropriate for him to call/show up at my work, and that I'm busy, but he didn't stop until my BOSS PERSONALLY HAD TO CHEW HIM OUT. So now he emails my work email incessantly. :steam:

    When I went to his place last week, I found a to-do list of his on top of his toilet. Listed on it, among the usual "7:00-8:00AM; gym :workout: " "8:00AM-8:30AM; groom" "8:30AM-9:00AM; commute to work" nonsense, I see about 5 entries listed on it about ME.

    "12PM-1PM; lunch break -Find the ultimate diamond earrings online for Alex"
    "7PM-7:30PM; brainstorm ways to convince Alex to switch gyms and join mine"
    "9PM-10PM; write a song on guitar for Alex"

    Oh, by the way, my name's Alex. Anyway, I forgot the other 2 things on it about me, but aside from his disarming OCD planning neuroticism, it's strange that at least 4 hours of his life (I assume by his list) is spent thinking about me. Sure it's kind of "cute", but it's more creepy. It is CU-REEEPY. Oh, and I found my personal SONG RECORDING TAPE in HIS APARTMENT, inside his stereo. He must have nabbed it from my place when I was taking a pee or something.

    And jealousy. Every time I talk to guy friends, he'll step in and intrude, or worse, scare my friends off. And then I tell him to off, but he turns on me and accuses me of flirting. I tell him that his friends miss him, and to not rely on hanging out with me all the time = no avail.

    When I jetted off to Brazil for 2 weeks without telling him, he went POSTAL, calling EVERYONE he knew I knew.

    I'm friends with an ex of his, and according to her, he was NEVER scary/clingy like that, and if anything, he was more focused on work. This is long, I know, but it's a rant/question hybrid.

    How do I DECLINGIFY him, and what's his real type?? I just don't think he's an ENTJ. I think his type is NUTS. Should I just FIRE him? (dammit, where's the Trump smiley?)
    I had nonchalantly decided to skip out on the last 13 pages of reading, and missed the epic email you had sent. So I'm editing this post. Better late than never ---

    And, GOOD WORK.

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