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    I used to be a pretty fast reader. but since I've moved to Sweden, it's gotten harder since my brain is starting to read words the swedish way.. and I mis understand some of them too .. it's a pain in the ass.... but I've been trying to read more to maintain my normal speed before.

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    it depends how concentrated and varied the material is and how familiar. if it is unfamiliar but verbose, its easy to scan and skip most non essentials. if it is unfamiliar and has convulted sentences introducing new concepts every other line then slow.

    frankly i could finish a 1000 page book in a day or spend the entire day on a single page reading re-reading and ruminating, it just depends on the material.
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    It's slowed down since I'm not an avid reader. 35 pages of the book the OP posted in 30 minutes is probably my speedreading pace.
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