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    Quote Originally Posted by Salt n' pepper View Post
    i'm sure i've been called bitch a few times and robotic. i've been compared to the T-900 - what is that? is that a new SonyEricsson phone?
    That means you're the T(erminator series) 900, a cold hearted killing machine

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    1. stuck-up, cold, unfriendly (reserved! i swear!)
    2. ugly, loser, gay (all of these before age 9, go figure)
    3. self-defeating, unreliable

    1. was water off a duck's back, because i knew it was a misinterpretation of my shyness
    2. was quite damaging when i was little and didn't deserve it.. still feeling ramifications..
    3. stung because they rang true
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    the insults we got as kids were real heinous, but they were based more on tradition than anything real, so i don't think we ever really took them to heart. i mean some kids did, but they took everything to this extreme white-knuckled kind of terms.
    but i think all of us probably hardened our hearts against people, i mean i think we all had instinctual responses that were as ingrained and "generational" as anything.

    when i got older people told me to smile, or they said i looked like a was in a foul mood. but that doesn't even stick with you, i think it hangs more on their mind as some kind of civic duty than it hangs on yours, hahaha!

    i have always gauged life by bums- when street guys are always on your side and are tight with you, when you immediately count street guys among your true friends- you are doing things right.

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    I hate being told to smile.

    Insults? Space Cadet. I kind of liked that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    I hate being told to smile.

    Insults? Space Cadet. I kind of liked that one.
    I hate being told to smile, too. And in the fifth grade, I was the president of my teacher's Space Cadet Club. She actually called out ten year olds as members of her Space Cadet Club. Apparently I didn't pay enough attention, and she chose a terrible profession for someone who hates kids. Two years after I had her, she ruined my brother's academic confidence with belittling. He was a B student until he hit the fifth grade, after which he became a struggling C/D student.

    I got picked on in high school, where it's easy to mistake stoicism for weakness. I never fought back, but I took a weird pride in taking it. When we played hockey in gym I volunteered to be the goalie so they would physically shoot at me. I played well and took the pelting, and they began to respect me. A little.
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    Nerd, streber, a-social, not interested in people (that one still hurts), boring (= interested in math, science and classical music instead of soap series, good-looking boys and fashion. I never believed that one ), weird, and of course no common sense.

    Having no friends is the punishment for getting good grades. I chose the grades, and of course, this means I'm not a decent human being.
    This was the general opinion in my high school, despite it being disproven by experiment. I had both good grades and good friends, just like some of my friends (others lacked the grades). Not many, it was the little heterogenous clique of the ugly ducklings, but we were friends!
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    Kids in school (mostly boys) would make fun of my name regularly because it isn't English & therefore weird, I guess, and because I was new (as we moved a great deal).

    I was depicted as "stand-offish" in high school by people who trafficked in drama and conflict. Later I doorslammed the toxic people.
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    Let's see....when I was about 10 my grandma told me I was cold, and she worried I had no feelings, like a murderer. Seriously, she said that to a 10 year old....I have forgiven her for it, realizing the circumstances (family deaths). It stung only because it was my grandma; I know I have feelings, very deep ones.

    Since we were children, my sister's favorite low blow in an argument is to tell me I have an ugly, unlikable personality & no wonder I have so few friends. That never fails to sting because a secret fear of many INFPs is that they are unlikable once people get to really know them.

    Being told I am so thin I am invisible, a beanpole, must be anorexic, etc (I am not THAT thin).

    I was called "snobby" by an ex-friend to other people - which made me mad because it was slander. In general, people refer to be as being snobby/aloof and cold, but will retract the impression upon getting to know me.

    The other insults were pretty typical playground stuff. Has anyone ever NOT been told they were ugly by some snotty 7th grade boy?
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    Robot, cold-hearted bitch, personality-less, nerd, weirdo, dull, heartless bastard, smart ass, and various variations of the like.

    Mostly by people I attended school with, though a couple of those are from my mother. "Robot" is like a second name for me from my sister, but I suspect that's more of a term of endearment.
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    People have called me:
    Daydreamer (wouldn't really count this one as an insult though )
    "Fag" if that counts

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