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    I don't know. In my experience, not regularly showing others much emotion usually leads them to over-react when I finally do, especially if it's a strong display. I'll even go so far as to say that a lot of the time, if I know I'm being emotional, I really wish that people would under-react. It makes me feel more comfortable doing it.

    That said, in regards to the OP, that would suck to not have your "display" (whatever it was) appreciated to the degree that you wanted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antimony View Post
    I surely can't be the only one who feels some sense of rejection when extreme emotional acts are shown, and ignored, or merely recognized with a simple 'aww, you are so cute', like it really didn't mean much but dammit I worked forever on it.

    Am I just overly sensitive about some of these things, or does this happen to others (in large-ish amounts...not that it doesn't happen to anyone else).

    I just feel so...I dunno, out of place overall when doing extreme emotional/thoughtful/sweet acts or whatver, but I don't really notice it until it doesn't get the reaction (aka a big one) that I was hoping for. I feel like it undermines my reputation as a robot (which I sort of try to maintain for the purpose of protection/it is comfortable). And then when I don't get the reaction I was hoping for, I tell myself "oh, well, don't be sweet are too sappy, too needy, this is pitiful" etc

    It is just really bothering because I enjoy making people happy, but when it goes unnoticed, I want to stop, but sometimes I keep doing and feel like an idiot. I am not entirely sure why I feel like an idiot when initiating emotional things.

    Soooo...for lack of a better do I stop being sensitive to reactions to things that make me feel vulnerable?
    Yeah--I've often felt like this. It's like "don't you know how much this cost me? To be wide open..."

    One of two things happen:
    I've often reacted with anger when that happens and flip the script and say something cutting at that point.

    I do a 'Krakatoa' and get a similar response to my display of emotion. I am disgusted with myself for the display and the person's response. Then I become even more reluctant to display any strong emotions. I start wishing for a 'purge cycle' for my feelings.

    I wish I had something wise to say here...just responding with a "me2".

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    Know that feeling! Sometimes I wish to God I didn't care about anything but intellect or creativity that way if I
    were rejected it didn't matter, but I do.


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    It sucks to be rejected, I try to protect myself from it as much as I can.

    Probably stems from "daddy issues" as well. I felt neglected by my Dad as a kid, made me think no one cared about me.

    I forgave him ofcoarse, I realized he is a human being with his own set of problems. But even though I forgave him, It still kinda affects me today.
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