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    Shy extrovert. Not that rare for an ENTP.

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    I read the whole post, tyvm. I still don't think he's an ENTP. I will admit, however, that I know 2 ENTPs and one of them isn't the most social E ever, but he's still not quite like the Chan Chan Man. He lives for making other people feel awkward, tho. Chandler isn't like that at all in social scenarios. He doesn't plan on making people feel weird. It just happens.

    I'm pretty sure one reason Ms. Chanandaler Bong makes connections that wouldn't normally be made is because he does relative to his fairly stupid friends. I love the show and most of the characters, but they aren't really known for their brains.

    The ENTPs I know are little social organizers when it comes down to it. They like for people to be around having a good time. Bing isn't like that either. He's usually at the party with other people, not the party planner with the group of friends. The more social ENTP I know makes friends or business connections like there's no tomorrow. His first impressions are usually very good. And Chandler talked about "duties" being "poo" during an interview...

    Side note: I'd like to point out that he's very good with money. He had loads saved up when he and Monica were planning their wedding. And he kept his stats job for a long time.
    I think I'm an ISTP.

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    Think it's pretty obvious Brain from Pinky and the Brain is an INTJ. Not really a movie, but I'm guessing Elphaba from Wicked would be an ENTJ, I'd guess INTJ, but even though she was inwardly focused, she always seemed to be in situations that put her around quite a few people even if she didn't seem that outgoing. The giveaway was that she was not a keep your head down and your mouth shut person. The difference was a little easy to tell since in the episodes where Brain has to save the world from someone that is a threat "so it is available to take over tomorrow" but he does most of
    his work there behind the scenes and sometimes lets someone who's there in a moment
    of convenience have the credit, even though he had skills, he was not able to work on
    his own without Pinky in spite of his stupidity, Pinky saw the social side their plans req-
    uired Brain was sometimes not able to, while Elphaba eventually feared no consequences
    and continued on even though her only friend Glinda chose not to go into hiding as well.
    Not that Elphaba really gave her the option because she knew she was getting herself
    into something big, but she managed to get the aid of others...reclusive and mysterious
    but could still draw people to her.

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