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    I try to let others make their own decisions about how they think and feel because there
    were times I wish I was cut some slack about my choices but wasn't. It might be too late for me
    to trust the world like I used to, but it doesn't have to be too late for others not closely trusting
    many people finding out what they're like when they could do better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodgrief View Post
    I never express my emotions, but I have a hyperdeveloped Fi. It's really weird and I hate it sometimes that I have so much emotion but can't express it (social anxiety).
    I think this is what I meant more than what I actually said. The ability to learn, or feel better about expressing the emotions that we have. I don't really know now though, I think when I made this thread I was just Ne-ing all over the place, for which I apologize.

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