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    Default Is this person an ENTP or ESTP?

    I am usually so good at typing people... but this particular person is throwing me for a loop. I'll provide the description... let me know what type we think he is.

    Male, early 20's. Computer Science major. Loves and actively plays Tennis and Basketball. Has over 500 facebook friends, and pursues people/parties on the weekend. Is somewhat of a flirt. Not good at all with details. Forgets meetings. Forgets to do things without multiple reminders. Can easily discuss random topics, world events, etc. Randomly creates computer programs that make his and his co-workers lives hundreds of times easier. For example, he created a script that culls all of our data to find a value point closest to the value we need. Has lots of random ideas on how to improve the workplace, but very little follow-through... and often times forgets the ideas he has.

    Day to day basis: happy. non-confrontational. calm. does not get easily upset. excited by innovations. does not argue very often. however, once he argued with me and was extremely insistent about the definition of a word.

    Is this person an ENTP? or an ESTP?

    These types seem to mirror each other somewhat.

    I'm leaning towards ENTP for general spaciness and the computer science major... but really, i don't have a clue.

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    ENTP. The idea that ENTPs are "confrontational" and "aggressive" was invented by the ENTJs and the ISFPs in their secret clubhouse. This guy you're talking about, though, the mere fact that he programs computers and is a "flirt" more or less rules out ESTP. This guy sounds very much like the sort of kid who'd look to his school like he was in dire need of ADD medication from a pretty early age he was probably too smart to be liked by other kids, but using his ENTP superpowers as a teenager and twentysomething, the nervous, unpopular kid I'm imagining has, through wounded, vengeful Ne, become at long last a badass. ENTPs all have something to prove, I think. This dude very much wants to prove that he is not what he knows he could have been: fat, balding, drinking a 12-pack of Tab a day. But not so. Thanks to Ne


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