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    I don't think an INTP should have an SFJ manager unless they are both in a sitcom. That is all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    I don't think an INTP should have an SFJ manager unless they are both in a sitcom. That is all.
    qft... bigtime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jae Rae View Post
    For example, I gave my INTP boss a bottle of wine for his birthday and he handed it to someone for a Silent Auction right in front of me.
    Oh. No he. Didn't. I would have lit his ass on the spot. Twice.

    I find ENTPs to be more socially aware, but they also can be very blunt. I offered to host a outdoor fundraiser for an ENTP friend running for public office and he said "Your front yard is mostly dirt."

    Jae Rae
    I've encountered this. I've known ENTPs to be the epitome of tact, and others who were constantly putting their foot in it. I remember one saying to me blithely: "Don't ask me about keeping friends. I'm too busy making enemies." I realize that's off balance.
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    Seriously. That was just plain rude. At least wait until he's out of her presence to do that. It was given as a gift and we'll assume with good intentions and to turn around and give it to someone else tells that person, I really don't care that you gave me this.
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