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    Default Hatred for school.

    Am I the on NT who ever had the hatred for school. I think alot of my peers are intelligent just as my teachers. I believe I learn more from googling random subjects on the internet. And I enjoy it more.

    So discuss!
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    I'm going to blame it on the "P": not liking structure, not wanting the same ol' classes and the same ol' schedule week in and week out, not wanting to follow a syllabus, and finding it rather arbitrary that the 8 page essay is due "one week from this Wednesday". What if I need until the following Monday to put all that information together? What if I want to go home tonight and knock it out in 6 hours and turn it in tomorrow? Can I do that? No? Why? Blah.

    I don't dislike school at all. I actually like it. There's a freedom in being in the classroom for me. Maybe because I've always excelled in that area - I feel "at home" in a classroom and in a learning environment. I stopped pursuing formal higher education when, like you, I realized that I learn better on my own. Not to mention paying good money for it all. It has its value. Just depends on the individual.

    I love the scene in the movie Good Will Hunting where a Harvard snob is making Ben Affleck look like an idiot and Matt Damon joins the conversation and basically tells the Harvard guy, "When you get older, you're going to realize that you dropped $150k on an education that you could have gotten for $4 in overdue library fees."

    There's truth in that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Game Master Near View Post
    Am I the on NT who ever had the hatred for school. I think alot of my peers are intelligent just as my teachers. I believe I learn more from googling random subjects on the internet. And I enjoy it more.

    So discuss!
    I am an ENFJ and I totally relate.

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    I'm ENFP and I had to force myself to graduate high school. I enjoyed college much more, but got burnt out on that after three years too. I'm much more motivated to learn on my own.

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    Heh, you know I had a test last week in one of my classes that is purely theoretical. No one really knows what the hell the guy is really talking about, but they memorize facts for the tests so they can pass. I've been getting really bad test grades because I don't care to do this. But as it turns out, a study group that has been getting high grades only gets them because they have the teacher's tests from other semesters - which are nearly identical to the ones we have now; and since we can have a page of notes on the test, that means printing old tests with the correct answers will at least get you a passing grade without having to even have any understanding of the class or attended one lecture at all. And this is just one of the many reasons why I hate school. But it's needed to get a decent job I guess...I haven't been able to figure out how to start a successful business anyway.

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    I'd have liked it if it were at all stimulating.
    By the time I was nineteen and exited pre-college school, I had just read in school what I read myself when I was ten or thereabouts.
    I was never really incredibly good at maths. Maybe slightly above average.
    Not counting that, I do have talent for a considerable amount of subjects.
    Back then I didn't realize how important it was to have the extent of your knowledge stamped on a piece of otherwise useless paper.
    Don't get me wrong, my grades were okay. I just never did any homework at all.
    Yeah, once. I read out the math book in ninth grade in eight or so hours and got the equivalent of B+ on a big nationwide test.
    I skipped about half the lessons, and spent the remainder painting pictures and talking crap with an ISTP.

    While my general hatred towards school as a thing doesn't really exist, my thoughts on pedagogy are very different from your normal teacher.
    If there is something I really don't like, it is that unimaginative teacher with twenty years experience going on and on like some sort of windmill in the same tracks, year after year.
    They follow the teaching plan to the letter, but aren't really inspiring at all.
    They are not helping the bored and underachieving students.
    And... Neither were they helping the bright ones.

    When I become emperor... Just kidding... But the scenario would be nice.
    I can see myself walking through the nation's schools, examining the personalities of the teachers, stringing a few of these old scarecrows up or sending them to the headsman.
    Too brutal? Have you any idea what suffering and damage they cause?
    How many futures they wreck each year?
    Mon Dieu! Nothing really upsets me like bad teachers who got comfy.

    Becoming a teacher should definitely involve a bigass huge evaluation by professional leadership and pedagogy gurus with their heads and hearts in the right place - with the students.

    Alright. There are two things I really don't like about school, too.
    One of them is the root and one is an effect of this.

    I really hate bad parents who don't read extensively and tell grand stories to their children.
    A child is not some goddamn dog. You as a parent are responsible for making this child mentally equal with yourself, and even greater than you are.
    It is your goddamn obligation to do so! Give them the interest of books, give them time to explore their imaginations.
    Push them gently, hint sometimes, inspire, share your knowledge.

    Now to the effect of the bad, bad parenting.
    You get stupid kids who will grow up and become mental amoebas, jocks and idiots.
    They make up a large portion of society.
    These messed up and mentally starved people are the truly poor of the world.
    Besides this, the hordes of them make life unbearable in classrooms and workplaces all over the globe.

    I mean, what's up with that crap?
    School should be like the library. Calm. I for one can't learn crap in school environment.
    Lots of people watching all the time, no freedom to explore, loud noises and whispers all the time.
    Things flying around through the air. Intrigues. Eye candy...

    I really don't like how school works. Well, how school doesn't work, more like.

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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    I find school a bit too business like for me.
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    Higher education is an industry now, and universities (i.e. private enterprises) are more interested in how much cash they can generate by the end of the day today than being long lasting beacons of education.

    They are still reputable places of higher learning... and, unsuprisingly, they tend to be the same places that were reputable a century ago.

    The American populist notion that everybody deserves an education, and the subsequent government subsidies that occured as a result, led to the rise of suspect establishments whose main interest lies in cashing student loan checks.
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    I hate school, I am a straight D student despite the fact that my SAT scores are in the top 5 percentile in every category with the exception of math( in which i am still above average). I hate my teachers in particular, just about all of them are narrow-minded idiots; last year i got detention for defiance after arguing with a teacher that the country of syria was in asia, he seemed to think it was in africa. I get wrote-up for defiance nearly every month. I have developed a deep hatred for the public school system in america.

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    Of course NTs can hate school, particularly the INTs because they don't always like the social and political structure. But I'm an INTJ and I don't like school. Although if I had better teachers I would like it more, I'm notoriously lazy unless I want to do something. My INTP friends aren't fans either, but I don't have any other NT friends.

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