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Whether its intense anger, sadness, whatever...how do you deal with excess negative emotion?

Whenever I'm dealing with a lot of emotion, especially anger, I've always felt the need to physically lash out. I'll completely flip out for a few minutes until I'm drained and then slowly go back to normal. Its always been my own way of venting when I can't bottle it up (which is probably the problem in the first place). Its resulted in me breaking things, injuring my hand numerous times punching things, etc. Is this normal for any other INTxs (or anyone)? There's gotta be a healthier way.

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I can't even imagine having physical outbursts of this nature. Would I physically take my anger out on someone? Maybe. It would have to be a very specific reason/circumstance because there isn't much that would prompt me to break my own hand, certainly not more than once. Try counting to 10 before you do something like this. In other words, think before you act. You brain might engage before your body if it has a few seconds to process.