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    Quote Originally Posted by refreshe123d View Post
    never been to a bar but I can relate to them....

    well I like to be alone pretty much all the time, but when I feel like socializing I wanna be able to do that. I can't stand A LOT of people. especially the annoying ones or someone who seeks attention all the time(mostly girls who does this).

    I'm 100% sure I won't find close friends. It would be very nice to have close friend who I can trust but I know it's not possible...... I dont' attend "social events". It is waste of time (some can be fun) but I must have a reason to attend them.

    I feel uncomfortable in all "social enivronment" I like working alone and doing things alone.

    I only met 2 people in my life who I felt very comfortable with. one of em was a girl I liked and another was a guy acquaintance. They pretty much knew what kind of person I was so they gave me lots of space. I dislike talking to most ppl but I enjoy talking to them. I can never trust the guy acquaintance though(not really trust, but he's not someone who would have my back if I were in trouble or things like that), we were never friends just someone I would talk/hangout once in awhile.

    sorry for the rant, I tend to do that ALOT
    What do you mean it's not possible? Close friends are the easiest type for Is to get. We don't hang out with everyone, so we can pay attention more to those we do like and understand them better.

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    I need someone to talk to right now. I have like 2friends I know. But I don't care about them or want to talk to them. I miss someone right now but she doesn't want to talk to me. FML

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    I'd say find a setting where you can find people. I went to a math summer camp for five weeks and suddenly came back with wonderful friends! Before, I had had one good friend who I only know online (he lives on a different continent -.- I met him on here actually!) and three close-ish friends irl. Before that, I was one very depressed ENTP.

    Also, don't be afraid to reach out to people so that you have a large enough pool of acquaintances to choose from! I've made friends simply be asking them if they drew a picture they were holding, or talking about an interest. You'll find the people you want, but you need to be pro-active about it. You won't necessarily be that random person someone else approaches. Your odds are much better if you do the approaching.

    Still, you also seem to have trouble letting people close to you. I'd suggest an online friend (lower risk, and you're already on a forum! so you already have a leg up) until you get more comfortable. Then you could branch out a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by refreshe123d View Post
    lately I been feeling bit depressed cause I have NO friends. I know couple acquaintances but that's about it. I'm very cautious who I let in my life. Most of time I don't put any effort to spend time with people. I tend to avoid them cause I'm awkward.

    Most times I just dont' see the vaule of friendship. I wouldn't benefit anything from them. From previous experience having friends was emotionally draining.

    I just feel like it would be nice to have one good friend. Was hoping if this is normal for INTP or if I need to change or work on something.
    Up until a couple of years ago I had your same outlook on friendship. But then I met some people who thought similarly to me and respected my personality, and then I realized that I did indeed need and desire good friends. It really is a matter of finding people that you actually like and enjoy being around. It can be difficult to find such people, yes, but I've found that it's worth the perseverence.
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