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    Default INTP adapting to new thoughts

    Hola Everyone,

    I stumbled upon a question I need help with and guess what? It seems like we are the best group suited for a close to accurate response. I would really appreciate some sincere perspectives since these replies will help me tremendously with some career choices and/or training readjustments I'll be making within the next year or so.

    So here is the scenario:

    I arose feeling well rested and at page 422 of the book "Einstein" by Walter Isaacson (which by the way has taken me a very long time to wind up to) I came upon a paragraph that reads.

    Einstein, who knew what it was like to turn 50, followed this with a description that said as much about his own approach to quantum mechanics as it did about Ehrenfest's: "Added to this was the increasing difficulty of adapting to new thoughts which always confronts the man past fifty. I do not know how many readers of these lines will be capable of fully grasping that tragedy." Einstein was.

    Well my question is this. I'm not sure if anyone here can answer from experience but, I'm very worried about the same thing. I want to remain open with my outlook on life and all of a sudden was baffled by the possibility of my career choice conflicting with this possible looming tragedy. I essentially want to grow old with a career path (thinking of getting into Law now) but can almost see and understand how some individuals eventually turn into the ridicule of those with "new thoughts". I worked under an 84 year old multi millionaire and was eventually disgusted with his closed views that ended up seeming pretty open after all. (universally).

    The question again is, do you think we can handle confronting this and if so, how can we expect to prepare for this before we actually turn 50.

    My immediate thought was to reach out and read a book or audio tutorial on how not be the grumpy old man that on occasions I have been but I'd rather here from you guys.

    Do you think the adapting will require before hand the proving? How hard will it be to adapt when we believe what we believe and it conflicts while still not proven. I am not necessarily thinking QM but may be in the future and wonder if this will all lead to adapting the issues already left to faith.



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    Einstein and your ex-boss didn't know about neuroplasticity.

    If you like to research, check out the BDNF gene and how exercise and diet can affect it's expression. If not, check out the following vid.

    Michael Merzenich on re-wiring the brain | Video on

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    I'll check that one off the list !!

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