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But to an INTP (or perhaps any NTP) the question is not whether something is right within the confines of society (which we largely ignore in our internal workings) but whether it is right with the values we hold at our core.

What INTPs share is a desire for logical consistency in their beliefs.
This is the key piece here.

The NTP that has had that consistency taken from them or never given to them in the first place is a scary amoral beast, especially the ENTP, whose motivations are encouraged by Fe and not Si.

I have doubts about an INTP being immoral though. They seem to play the amoral card more than anything else. I think to become immoral one has to first be moral and have an immoral act done to them. Then sometimes the choice to be immoral is reached out of vengeance, hatred, and sorrow. I usually get a more amoral "don't mess with my world or I'll use all means to humiliate you and make you feel small and powerless" vibe about them when feeling threatened (and this all depends on the consistency of their beliefs) as opposed to a conviction for justice.

I'm not going to lie. INTPs, ISTPs, ESTPs, and ENTPs that don't have a consistent belief system scare the crap out of me. I have to remind myself to be extra careful around these types at first.

*Note: And well whatever. This post was ill-contrived for many reasons, but if I'm on to something then it's worth looking like a fool for the time being.