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Thread: ENTPs and fun

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    Let's see, what do I do for fun?

    Sex with brilliant, beautiful women has got to be high up on the list. That's something I just don't get to do often enough.

    Martial arts is fun for me. I like weapons.

    I also enjoy trips to Disney World. The ride Soarin' in EPCOT is pretty cool. It makes you feel like you're hang-gliding!

    Perhaps the most fun thing I do is discuss interesting topics with brilliant, imaginative people.

    Beyond that, I like sports, hanging out with select friends, dining out, watching movies, reading, nature photography, blogging, designing PowerPoint presentations, drinking too much, speaking up when I should remain silent, talking like Butthead when it's completely inappropriate, watching Family Guy, contemplating justice, the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, politics, philosophy, dead-hang pullups, being a secret informant, plotting the demise of bad people, and being the guardian of those who are unable to protect themselves, and helping communities around the country strengthen their "chain-of-survival" to save more victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

    Also on my bucket list: learning to speak French and Spanish fluently (just ordered the deluxe version of Rosetta Stone - French), traveling to Europe, sky diving, SCUBA diving on a coral reef (have already snorkeled), buying an AR-15 and shooting things with it, and figuring out why it bothers me that I need an ENTJ more than she needs me.

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    Default Fun stuff

    I think you might be depressed. A good way to get rid of that is by studying it and then changing it with psychotherapy, maybe meds and a lot of self awarness. The latter being the most important part of the equation.

    Boredom can be horrible, a goal in life can help for most of it. All of a sudden everything has a purpose and it's not just mandane crap that makes you want to chew on rocks.

    Except for that I have found that doing independnt research about anything that sounds cool is usually good (I tend to focus on psychology, philosophy, neurology, anthropolgy and that stuff). Watching documentaries or even just good films is also good.

    If you're having trouble finding people that are worth your time (cause lets face it, most people are pretty boring), maybe try your local coffee shop (they seem to magnet some interesting fellas) and the social science department of your local community college. I hate to say this, but drinking and drugs work pretty well to help that as well. I personaly like beer-pong and flip-cup a lot.
    Even though I have no moral dilema with experimentation (and "just because it's a shit advice" is not valid argument), I don't want to recommend it because there are risks envolved that sometimes outway the benifits, and could be very destrutive.

    In terms of hobbies I have found hiking to be extremley rewarding, but only off the trails. Chess has been an awesome pass-the-time-for-hours-and-hours-at-a-time thing for me. The challenge is constant and every game is different enough to stay interested. Soduku works too. Driving with no goal in mind or taking the long way home with a couple-few wrong turns on the way is good too. If I'm really bored sometimes I'll change my handwriting for fun, but that's just weird. Traveling is huge, but not everyone can afford that. I personaly like to grab a bagpack and a sleeping bag, my car (or my thumb), and disapear for a couple of days (or months). Don't worry, you won't die. And if you do, at least you did while having a shit ton of fun. Picking up new instruments to play is great. I started painting like a month ago, just becuase I always wanted to.

    I'm an ENTP, but I'm not you. All I can REALLY suggest is to think about those things you've always wanted to do (I know you have them planned out somewhere in a planner you started to use once and never actually did) and just actually doing them. And instead of a planner, a cellphone alarm, it usually works better.

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