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Thread: New things

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    Default New things

    I'm curious how you guys approach things you have little or no experience in.

    Personally I find this stuff initially very difficult and it can take me a while to develop confidence in a new realm.

    Preparation in the form of gathering applicable knowledge without practical experience of its application hasn't really done much for me. I really need to "get my hands dirty". Unwillingness to seem incompetent to the people who only see me in that moment has sometimes kept me from developing skills I really desired.
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    No problem with new things at all. Give me a new challenge and I'll gladly accept it for the sheer idea of starting something new. The process is at least as important as the result.

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    I'm good at trying new things... I'm a fast learner. The possibilities are endless if you practice and have confidence.
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    I think it becomes overwhelming at first once you start visualizing all the different facets of it.. like today I played dota for the first time and just that moment when you realize just how many combinations of hero skills and recipes you could use is just so completely depressing. It's like too much to learn and all at once and you can already visualize the immense amount of effort it's going to be and how little control you have over everything.

    Yeah learning new shit sort of sucks.

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