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    Though the question is growing old I believe I understand what you're trying to say. I'll wait to give my interpretation until you create a new question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fusetah View Post
    Can anyone relate to underestimating yourself, and everything that being NT comes with after determining your type?

    The "situations" Ne tends to get me into is what made me doubt myself as a intuitive type, and what it means.

    I'm a minority, so I was already pretty isolated. Being an intuitive minority is an additional isolation.

    Did I go temporarily mental? Or was additional self-reflecting in its place?
    you can see the way ADD/what-seems-like-OCD affects you, cant you. you feel dumb and somewhat helpless because even though you know the source of your problem (what may be ADD attributed to hyper Ne), you feel helpless to do anything about it

    N means staying in your own head too much. the nature of Ne is to connects dots. where do these dots come from? from your surroundings. thats why you may easily mistake Ne for Se

    what you are trying to do is gain an understanding of your problem; that is good. wouldnt you rather have the medicine though? refer to my earlier post

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    Quote Originally Posted by fusetah View Post
    So, according to your above statement, does this ring true for SJ's aswell?

    How many SJ's are on welfare, drunk and sleeping on his/her sofa all day?
    SJ with a drinking problem:

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    I am fairly interested in knowing the percentages (if you took the test with such) of both your N and T, Fusetah, because, to me, the 'situations' you refered to earlier that your N function got you into are rather normal especially if the T aspect of your type isn't as pronounced. I could easily be TOTALLY wrong though so don't be afraid to take this comment with a grain of salt and forget it even existed.

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    I wrote a post then deleted it for its irrelevance.

    Are you saying you are a bad NT? Like your intuition, while active is on the fritz, leading you into less than desirable situations? Thus causing you to doubt yourself because of the end result of your actions?

    Because if so, this isn't really an intuitive thing it is an internal motivation thing.

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    ^ agree, but may add the possiblity of acting without enough information on the situation.

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