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    Default At least 4 types of INTJ's?!

    After posting a ďHelloĒ at the (Welcome and introductions) commune, someone mentioned that I was probably the 4th type of INTJ. This is the first Iíve heard of this. Arenít there only 16 personalites to begin with?

    What I want to know is:

    1. How come this wasn't covered in "Please Understand Me Part 2"?
    2. What are the 4 (or more) types of INTJís?
    3. What are their defigning characteristics?
    4. Why arenít they considered seprate personality types?
    5. Would these different types of the same personality get along?
    6. How can you tell which sub-type you are?

    And, do they make much of an impact?

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    I believe they were referring to your "possible" Enneagram type. There are 9 Enneagram types. For instance, I am an INTP with a type 5 Enneagram. In your intro thread they were joking that you seemed to be a bit "soft" and "fluffy" for an INTJ (which can be seen as one of the "colder" of the 16 types), so they joked that you might be a type 4 Enneagram (which is kind of "artsy" or "soft").

    You can read a description of type 4 Enneagram here:

    Type 4 Enneagram Type Description |

    From this page, you can click on the other 9 types at the top of the page to read those descriptions as well.

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