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    Quote Originally Posted by fusetah View Post
    Oh man, reading this made me remember what a retard I was when I was a kid.

    I would spend my time pushing the buttons of other people, get a reaction and then argue/bullshit my way out of it...

    Social experiments was obviously not in my dictionary back then, but it could just as well have been..
    I understand the need to test people. I used to argue with people for fun.

    I also had an ENTP friend who used to do things like beg people for money to buy food he had never tasted before, take a bite and throw it in the trash and then pull out a $20 to buy what he wanted in the first place.

    He would argue that it was just money and we were showing our bourgeoise tendencies by getting angry about money!:steam:

    So I think you have less to be ashamed of than he did!

    And we were all jerks as kids for some reason or another.

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    very, very impressive. o_O
    Call me Visa, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hermeticdancer View Post
    I don't feel like an ENFP anymore at all... I wish I did. I fell this void of enthusiasm has been replaced with this reality check, and also desire to do something practical and of value. Also I don't like crowds, being the center of attention, I am Ne, I think, but I feel more anger then passion for things.

    I don't feel the need to spread the news around, like I used to... Like ENFP, when I first tested I was borderline ENTP, on Kiersey. It was one point away from F. I recently took the test again and At first I took the test again got INTP- this time. ?

    I am not brilliantly intelligent, if anything I have a weak T. But it is there.
    Does this even matter anyway?
    Don't worry from my experienes on INTP forums I wouldn't say being brilliantly intelligent has much to do with being intp.

    but more seriously, none of the things you described sound specifically intpish. And INTP could want to do something practical and of value, but so could an ENFP.
    "Of course we spent our money in the good times. That's what you're supposed to do in good times! You can't save money in the good times. Then they wouldn't be good times, they'd be 'preparation for the bad times' times."

    "Every country in the world owes money. Everyone. So heere's what I dont get: who do they all owe it to, and why don't we just kill the bastard and relax?"

    -Tommy Tiernan, Irish comedian.

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    Maybe this relates to your love life? You are obviously a beautiful woman, who, from what it sounds like through reading your threads, encountered some partners who didn't quite treat you right. So, it's normal that you feel a bit distraught. It's tough to keep up the enthusiasm when you feel emotionally wrung out..

    I tested borderline ENFP/ENTP in my MBTI test I took in college.. so I somewhat relate.

    I think situational factors in your life can be a key indicator to how you're feeling.

    PTSD or any kind of trauma can really change a person, and make them feel a bit.. desensitized? Yah. Sorry to hear about your situation. Find a new passion or hobby.. Maybe you'll meet Mr. Right along the way? I find that when I'm doing what I love doing, and am true to myself, the more likely I attract the same attention/vibration. Hang in there!

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    Windigo, your description of ENTP life-progression was spot on! Jeesh, I was incredibly obsessed with dinosaurs for most of my life. Female ones, in particular.

    Hermeticdancer, I agree with others on here that you're an ENFP. My cousin is an ENFP and the way you're describing yourself is how she is during periods of her life when things aren't going quite "naturally" for her. External factors have caused her to downplay her strengths and tone down her feelings.

    Can you describe what you're like when you're at your happiest/content?

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    practical/reality/angry = Te

    ENFPs have tertiary Te. I think you're just maturing.

    You could also be depressed. I don't know, it kind of sounds like it.

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