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    Entropie my friend, your musical taste never ceases to amaze me.

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    I just had a thing on ventrillo when JTG asked me if I actually do listen to the music I post.
    I was a bit overwhelmed by the question cause I never thought about it.

    Now two hours later I remembered. When I was young there was a time everyone started to express themselves thru music. In my catholic boy college (metaphor) it was like to dance on a volcano to record a pink floyd or HIM song for a girl. So we did all that but then things got worse. Namely 2 or 3 years after that, everyone seemed to have acquired a vastdatabase of musical knowledge. As in song names and interprets.

    I had none of that cause a song I listened to today I forgot about tomorrow. And I still have the same issue, I mean I know like all the cool songs but I could never remember a name.

    So I looked pretty fucked in the face of society cause I knew shit. My IQ was even measured against the songs I knew... it became a very perverted society and I was not old enough to recognize.

    So I fled in other dimensions, in which noone lived so noone could ever test my not availiable knowledge of music.

    One of the best band from that time is this:


    I continued listening to gothic, ebm and industrial till today but I too was caught in an endless loop of depression and frustration induced by this depressive music.

    And one day it was time for a change. I started with goa trance and then worked my way down to commercial techno. I met some people in that time who had an easier way of living and I learned from them, I felt more at home with them.

    And that's basically the story how I evolved backwards to listen to techno music. Nowadays it gives me strength and energy and makes me happy.

    I am pretty sure quite a lot of cells in my brain are fused nowadays

    The song below gets good at 3:40 minutes:


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