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    My interpretation of paranoia is that it's something that we've learned through a reaction-stimulus conditioning.. Sort of like the Pavlovian theory. Ex- we watch something on the news repeatedly, the response is- we fear that person, object or event that was previously a neutral response.

    Here's a really interesting piece:
    [YOUTUBE=""]Insight, Intuition, Instinct[/YOUTUBE]

    Personally for me, intuition comes from a place of calm. It usually tells me something about the person, place or thing- not necessarily a positive or negative response, but something idiosyncratic.

    I think accusatory assumptions come from prejudice, which stems from a learned response.

    Intuition for me is also say.. when someone covers up an emotion and says, "I'm okay" when they're really not..

    That's how I see it.. and agree with what the video says for the most part.

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    What you are describing sounds like classic Ni to me. I use it all the time in a very similar manner to the way you describe. And as was pointed out eariler, I trust it completely--it's rarely wrong. I found the more I trust it and work with it (I used to ignore it), the better it works. It's a useful skill to have, as it's less common. It gives you different perspectives and insights on things. I've never associated it with paranoia. Yeah, just work to understand how it operates and keep it on a leash and you'll be fine.
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    In ENFPs we can do this by monitoring the person ober time and noting they are acting very differently from the way we have seen them in the past-but attempting to identify motives/causes is only valid for other Fi users. You will fuck it up on Fe users.

    EXTPs can do this very well on Fe users-the motives. They can pick up very subtle physical signs of difference or distress and then ascribe motives. Again, dont try this on Fi users. You will fuck it up.

    NeFi can get real paranoid as it seeks external affirmation and we think everyone hates us. This is when I know I need to chill for awhile.

    NeTi folks can get really paranoid too, but I dont understand why-something about Fe I think. They seem to think everyone is plotting against them when they get really distressed. My ENTP says she knows that when she needs a vacation.

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    If there's one thing I learned from communication and sales training is that making assumptions about people's motives is, even when you are right, counter productive. People don't like being confronted with their motives.

    A better idea would be to just ask people about their motives and go for the words. If you can notice inconsistencies in their words or behaviour, then you can confront them.

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