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    Quote Originally Posted by thisGuy View Post
    INTJ and ENTJ more than float my boat
    dude, keep your hands off of our prey!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    dude, keep your hands off of our prey!
    first come first serve..cmon!

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    Are there any NFs in counterstrike ?


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    I'm not sure. I like guys that can be outgoing, intelligent and sexy, but I'll admit I'm also
    drawn to fun loving goof balls that are amused by anything. I guess because you don't h-
    ave to be all serious all the time and you can be that outrageously silly side of yourself
    that you tend to keep to yourself unless you know people really well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hermeticdancer View Post
    F* a** hole ( dont know how many stars I can use) ENTJ and I aren't compatible for a "relationship" I guess... pish. I am sorry but I have to vent. Here is a perfect example...

    I had a conversation the other day about it with him about our status. We are in the grey area, and casual for a month. I asked if he wanted to be open and date other people, (trick question cause no way would I go for that) and if he was still looking at other people's profiles online (we met online) He said he was looking, a bit... but not seeing anyone. We of course are shagging.

    K so get this, he says he likes me and doesn't want it to end, and wants to see me while he is looking for his "soulmate" but he doesn't want to settle because he did that with his wife, whom he left apperantly... because she was domineering? and his previous girl friend, who is in her mid 20's he was in love with left him for art school, god I just found out he has a vasectomy, and also wants a women/child who doesn't want kids... I told him to go for his lolita, aim for the kids group 22-26 that might meet his man child needs, and told him good luck and good night. He said he didn't like sarcasm, and said I sounded spiteful, I said I getting to be that age,,, I guess 29 is getting up there...

    What a prick huh? Want I want a soulmate... ohh please, you just want a younger shorter/tiny chick (I'm 5'7, and busty-men love that! he's 5'9 and has narrow shoulders and a small/med build) to think you have that awe... go f your self!

    sorry guys had to get the hate off my chest... feel a tiny bit better now, I just feel like a phony for being with him, and being nice to him and stroking him up like that, the guy needs to be cut off at the knees, already, saying women loose their innocence as they get older. I have heard that from ENTJs before, its so freakin sexiest. I want to kick their a@@. Are all ENTJ's Pedophiles or is it just him? (jk)
    wow. what a tool. your post made me laugh cause he sounds like a complete loser.

    I dont know. being an ENTJ myself, in a relationship , I like to know exactly where we are, I dont want to be guessing and choosing and leading the relationship in the direction I please. I do that all day with everything else, the last thing I need to do is, do that in a relationship.
    When I am in a relationship, I give it all I got, and expect the same from my SO.
    However, most men I meet my age are still man-boys as you said, and are still ' partying" and living their youth.

    the problem with us, is we always believe" there is something better"
    which is a major issue when we are in a relationship.
    This issue is triggered when our partners don't meet our very-high expectations, which makes us "cut, and run"
    for me anyways... xD

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    one of my bestfriends is an FP but i just can't stand her sometimes, i love her and everything, but she can get really emotional, lazy, and stubborn sometimes. its frustrating.

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    NF women are ok, they're kinda too needy tho

    i like nt/sp women the best =)

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    I love NFs and NTs, EXCEPT ENTJs. They're just scary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by You'reWrongI'mRight View Post
    one of my bestfriends is an FP but i just can't stand her sometimes, i love her and everything, but she can get really emotional, lazy, and stubborn sometimes. its frustrating.
    these types of posts always cause me to wish the poster would have given a short example.

    there are so many ways to be "really emotional" and while for some it may take a lot to see it that way (like the person crying about over-buttered popcorn), for others, it could be very little (like still crying a year after a parent died).
    •.¸¸. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒჱܓ. இڿڰۣ.¸¸.இڿڰۣ´¯`·.─♥

    Cerebral Artery

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    any nt's here NOT drawn to nf's for friendships and/or romance?
    I haven't noticed a trend.
    I get along quite well with enfxs. But then again who doesn't?
    ENFPs are so charismatic I am attracted by them. ENFJs are always reading me. EEK!

    Haven't met that many INFXs.

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