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    Anything can be quantified if one has enough knowledge about the thing and goes about it in the right way. At this stage of our knowledge some human behavior can be quantified. Of course there are real differences between people but there are also real similarities and it's one set of similarities that the MBTI tries to quantify(if that's the right word). If the MBTI puts everyone in one of 16 boxes, I would say that all the people in one of those 16 boxes is in a box of his own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post

    look...this shit doesn't purport to be scientific. It's not. It's philosophy.
    That's Solitary Walker talking - not you.
    Give me a break.
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    If you don't think that it's valid, then why study it? Why even care?

    It's proven by your experience and applying the theory to your life. It works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chunes View Post
    Curious: has she explained why male negotiators seem to be every bit as negotiator-ish as their female counterparts?
    No she has not, at least as far as I know (her research is ongoing however, and I think she just released an updated edition of her book on personality last month). Perhaps Negotiator-ness has more to do with testosterone-estrogen ratios than actual levels of either hormone by itself, or perhaps estrogen is just a red herring, and it's really only testosterone that matters (just give or take a given quantity).

    Anyway, on a similar note, Fisher does believe that her theory may account for why so many more women seek treatment for depressive mood disorders then men--it's not that men are trying to keep up a macho image and women are more honest (as most psychologists have guessed), it's really just that most men are chemically less attuned to emotional and interpersonal interactions, ever-ready to fight their way through life because of their higher testosterone levels. NF males seem to have less, so we end up coming off all sensitive and emo . . .

    And singing high tenor.
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    He marks - not that you won or lost -
    But how you played the Game."
    -- Grantland Rice

    Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules. -- from The Catcher in the Rye

    "The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do, and what a man can't do." -- Jack Sparrow

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    even if your behavior changes that doesent change your type, you can learn to use different functions on situations that doesent come naturally from you. this can develop your type in a way that you can use some functions easier than you used to. for example intj can learn to use Fe if he uses it enough and even if he would notice that most situations involving other people go better with Fe and Te and he would start using Fe more when handling with people, that wouldnt mean that he would change to infj, it would just mean that he has developed his intj personality.

    maybe some heavy realization with hallucinogens or long time depression or something like that could change your type, but personally i think that you need to lose your mind big time to change your type
    I completely disagree. You can loose your personality, easily, with brain damage and change type. It documented in the literature. The man who becomes erratic and unstable, when part of his brain is not able to function, after a traumatic event. His emotional intelligence is impaired, I believe I read this in the book emotional intelligence. A long time ago...

    Sorry but too lazy to quote and fuzzy on the details right now. But the book is Emotional Intelligence.

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